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You and everyone in your organisation has unlimited access to our audio conferencing tool. You’ll be able to hold audio conference calls with co-workers, clients, customers and other meeting attendees from around the world, as and when you need to.

A conference call can be immensely useful to your organisation. These helpful tools make it easier to collaborate, especially if not every team member is physically located in the same place at any given time.

What is Audio Conferencing?

When two or more individuals are connected on the same call, that call is an audio conference (or audio meeting). They would generally each be using their own mobile device to create the conference bridge. Unlike video meetings, audio conferencing includes no video component.

While audio conferences usually happen via mobile phones, they can also be made over laptops, desktop computers and any other devices capable of teleconferencing.

Types of Audio Conferencing Services

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of audio conferencing services.

This involves meeting participants joining the audio conference via their phones, whether those are modern Android or iOS models or traditional phones like landlines. It relies on an audio conferencing bridge, which lets multiple users securely join a call.

The second type of conferencing service is web-based, and relies on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to connect participants. Many popular conferencing solutions use VoIP, including for video conferencing.

Key Benefits & Advantages of Audio Conferencing

Meetings made easy with conferencing

When your company has its own dedicated audio conferencing bridge, you essentially get a virtual conference room where employees located anywhere can speak.

Each of your employees is assigned a unique host code and participant code that only they can use to start and dial-in to meetings. That way, multiple users in the company can hold separate conference calls at the same time independently of one another.

Any user can also join or host an audio conference at any time; the service is reservationless, meaning t’s available at all times.

RingCentral App for Desktop: Making Calls and Checking Voicemails
host unlimited audio conferences

Host unlimited audio conferences

There is no limit on the number of audio conference calls any user is allowed to host. There is also no need to limit yourself while you invite participants, as up to 1,000 people can attend each conference.

The people joining your conference don’t need to be on RingCentral’s network to join calls, either.

You can also make it easier for callers based outside of the United Kingdom to join calls. All you need to do is include a local dial-in phone number or two. These local numbers carry no additional charges and can be used in over 50 countries.

Furthermore, you can expand your business opportunities by offering further premium conference numbers and toll-free numbers.

Conferencing works across devices

Whether you’re in your office, at home, or abroad, you can access your conference calls. All you need is a desk phone, computer, or mobile device. It’s even possible to seamlessly switch devices half-way through the conference.

You also won’t need to remember your host access code when you dial-in using your mobile phone. With one tap, you can start a conference while you’re using the mobile app, so long as you’re signed in.

The same goes for your participants. All they need to do is tap on their invitation, which they’ll receive via their chosen text messaging platform, and they’ll be connected to the conference.

conferencing works across devices
Hosts have full control of the conference call

Hosts have full control of the conference call

You can invite participants using email. When you do, the dial-in details are automatically included for their convenience.

Managing participant logistics becomes a simple matter as well. You can take a caller count, block unwanted numbers or callers, and/or enable an audio notification for every dial-in and dial-out.

Another useful functionality is the ability for the host to use touch-tone commands to mute attendees, initiate call recording, move to a different device or end the call.

How to ensure quality calls with RingCentral

How to ensure quality calls with RingCentral

Some More Essential Features of The Best Audio Conferencing Services

With international dial-in numbers, your attendees from outside the UK don’t have to worry about joining with their own telephone number and incurring additional costs.

A business phone is a very helpful piece of add-on technology to offer with your audio conferencing tool of choice.

Since the phone will be coming from the same provider supplying your audio conferencing software, you can guarantee that the two are compatible.

One of the best ways to streamline the meeting process is to make it as easy as possible to plan and host conference calls. With one-click conference call meetings, you’ll be able to start a conference call instantly.

You want to ensure that you can hear every participant’s voice in high quality. That’s why it’s important to choose an audio conferencing service that offers HD voice calling.

When you can plan and pencil in dates for audio conferences without having to leave the conference call app, you save time and keep all meeting-related content confined to one space.

To prevent just anyone from joining an active meeting, access codes can be given out to hosts and participants alike. These act as an added security layer.

If the host is late, it can be very helpful to be able to enter the virtual meeting room before they arrive.

A conference call can only exist with at least two attendees. That’s why the ability to invite participants is crucial to every meeting.

The host can initiate the conference as soon or late as they need to, with the simple click of a button.

Call recording lets you listen back to any conference call at later dates, making it easy to check facts and take notes.

Audio conference hosts may need to use screen sharing to explain or demonstrate any number of thing.

You can host meetings from anywhere, at any time. The same is true for your support; no matter what time it is, or which day of the week, support is here for you and can help you.

All of these features, in addition to other useful ones, make conference calling a simple, smooth and streamlined matter. RingCentral offers a whole host of further capabilities:

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RingCentral Plans for Audio Conferencing

RingCentral offers audio conferencing as standard with various plans, meaning that you can try it out regardless of your budget thanks to the flexible pricing options.

  • RingEX Entry plan - ₤7.99 /user/month *
  • RingEX Standard plan - ₤147.99 /user/month *
  • RingEX Premium plan - ₤19.99 /user/month *
  • RingEX Ultimate plan - ₤24.99 /user/month *

Frequently Asked Questions on Conference Calling

Two or more people call in to the same virtual meeting room, where they are connected with one another. They may be using the same phone system or their own phones in different locations.

All you need to do is choose when your conference call is happening and send out invites to the participants you’re expecting, if you’re the host.

You can either buy an audio conferencing bridge, or subscribe to an audio conferencing service so you don’t have to worry about maintaining that bridge.

It’s a highly secure means of communication. The biggest security risk is unwanted callers dialing in to the conference. However, these can simply be blocked so they don’t interfere.

When you’re using RingCentral, you can set the software to automatically record all your calls. These recordings can then be accessed via the mobile or desktop app.

Much like choosing any other type of service provider, the best thing to do is to consider which features you want, then choose a provider based on whether they offer those.

You’ll want to have notes ready if you’re hosting or presenting anything during the call.

Other than that, the most important thing to do is observe meeting etiquette and be sure you join the call in a quiet environment where no background noise will disturb others.

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