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The introduction of the Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD) in Worcester led the way to the creation of uniform exchange codes known as area codes. The Worcester area code first came out as two letters representing the name of the place. The letters will correspond to the numbers on a telephone dial. As time passed, the increasing number of population using telephones exhausted the phone number supply of area codes. This incident led to the conversion of the former area code of Worcester into 4-digit area code. The 1905 area code was the result of the area code number conversion that happened during PhONEday.


The growth of second phone lines, direct dial-in lines, fax machines and multiple telecoms operators during the 1980s has increased the demand for more available number ranges. Thus the city of Worcester has been assigned the 1905 area code to accommodate this influx. The PhONEday event on 1995 increased the range of Worcester local numbers by changing the previous numbers to six to seven digits. These new ranges fitted into the new number scheme such as 01905 XXXXXX. By omitting the number 0, 10 digits are used all in all in dialing a Worcester area code.


A rather complicated misconception occurred due to the changes between the PhONEday. The confusion between the area code and number separation has been seen as a major problem in some regions of UK. This is primarily due to the situations where area codes were increased and at rare times decreased in its length. Also contributing to this are the times when companies incorrectly add the area code to the local number or vice versa. This wrong impression can be attributed to the fact that the original numbers and area code sum up to 10 digits. Fortunately, the Worcester area code has remained stable, though it still has the same quantity of figures that are required when calling to a specific area in that location.

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A contact number comprising both the Worcester area code and Worcester local numbers will have a hard time standing out among several numbers that is associated with area code 1905. A company competing for the attention of their customers will not find it easy to conduct their business using these contact numbers. Such businesses that rely much on these numbers need a business phone system that would separate the company’s Worcester area code from their competition. A system that is capable of making the Worcester local numbers stand out among the rest of the common numbers and at the same time reflect the products and services offered in the business.


RingCentral business phone system can give your company in Worcester all that your telecommunication needs. They can supply your business with non-geographic numbers. This number does not include any of the 1905 area code as attachment. Contact numbers that are generated through this is permanent. You can even carry this number with you if you ever plan to relocate. This kind of feature will give your business a trademark contact number that can be easily remembered by your customers and removes the hassles of having to look up a new number.


RingCentral also offers vanity numbers. This is a great way of promoting your products and services and increase that much needed profit. With RingCentral’s vanity number addition, customers can instantly tell the type of goods your business has to offer whenever they dial in your contact number.


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