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To be able to provide for the need of its subscribers, the Winchester area code was given a new area code arrangement. This is the (01XXX) XX XXXX pattern. It was assigned to Winchester in 1995 as part of the telephone number changes implemented on PhONEday. The new area code formations that were given to all locations of UK would give new phone number supplies. The quantity of telephone numbers that would be generated from these area code patterns will replace the nearly depleted supply of current area codes.


The (01XXX) XX XXXX pattern that was administered as the Winchester area code led to the establishment of the 1962 area code. This Winchester area code also covers the areas Alresford, Hursley, Itchen, Abbas, Ropley and Twyford among many others. Local numbers that use the area code pattern above are either made up of 6 numbers or sometimes 5 digits. In the part of the Winchester local numbers, they are comprised of 6 numerals. The new Winchester area code is needed to be keyed in to connect a call from outside of Winchester. This would mean that the 1962 area code would connect a call to Winchester local numbers.


The changes made to the Winchester area code gave birth to a large number of new telephone numbers. This was its positive and immediate effect. Although the 1962 area code was the answer to the number shortage problem, it also brought with it several problems in telecommunication. The first and most notable problem is the missed and lost calls it caused. Callers who were not able to properly input the new Winchester area code were not able to connect their calls.

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Since the previous area code of Winchester is still in use, there will be an instance where a certain Winchester local numbers is paired with two different area codes. Callers that would fail to acknowledge the difference would have their calls connected to another company.


Organizations that can afford to avail both area codes that possess the same local numbers would not be troubled by the aforementioned problem. The high cost of reserving a specific number cannot be afforded by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This situation further increases the disparity that these organizations have between them. The ability of big conglomerate companies to obtain such a contact number gives them a great advantage over small and medium scale businesses.


If your company is one that belongs to SMEs, you would want to obtain a contact number that the big multinational companies have. Owning one would certainly help the cause of your company. It would propel your organization and allow you to compete against the bigger companies. One way of obtaining the same contact number capabilities of multinational companies is by availing a phone system that grants the same functions of corporate phone systems that the bigger companies employs.


A phone system that would be able to give you all of this is the business phone system of RingCentral. Corporate phone system features and services such as virtual PBX, toll free numbers, auto-attendant, Internet fax and several other helpful features are also provided for by RingCentral telecommunications system. The best thing about their products is that SMEs can afford them. RingCentral helps SMEs obtain an outstanding communications system at a relatively inexpensive cost.


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