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The original Sunderland area code was made up of 3 digits. It was formerly referred to as area code 0783. And for a time being, area code 0783 served as the official area code of Sunderland. However, its application was not seen through to today. Because of the increase in population, the popularization of modern technology and the prevalent use of cell phones, this pioneering Sunderland area code lasted only until 1995. It cannot be denied that the use of modern day gadgets significantly affected the demand for phone numbers. Now aside from telephone lines, number telecom companies also had to worry about mobile phone calls pushing through properly. As such, new area code formats were designed to provide an additional supply of phone numbers.


The Sunderland area code was given the (01X1) XXX XXXX format post 1995. The X inside the parentheses symbolizes the figure 9 for the area code of Sunderland while those outside represents the Sunderland local numbers. This area code format gave rise to the current Sunderland area code: the 0191 area code. Now, places that follow this area code pattern have a considerable number of population and phone number demand. However, they only rank second to those that employ 2-digit area codes.


The Sunderland area code (0191) is not only used in Sunderland but in a few other places as well. These would include Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Washington, Gateshead and other nearby towns and cities. In order to specify the Sunderland area code from the rest of the areas that uses the 0191 area code, the first digit of Sunderland local numbers were incorporated to its area code.


The incorporation of a first digit of Sunderland local numbers resulted in the creation of the 1915 area code. The figure 5 in the area code is not actually part of the area code but is one of the numbers that comprise the local numbers of Sunderland. Now, the 1915 area code was not the only area code born out from this method of adding a part of the local number to the area code. The contemporaries of Sunderland that employs the 0191 area code were also formed using this process. And as such, people now have area code 1912 for Newcastle upon Tyne, 1913 for Durham and 1914 for Washington.

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Callers must take note though that the 1915 area code is technically not an area code but is only used to differentiate the area code of Sunderland from other places that also use the 0191 area code. It should be presented in this format: (0191) 5XX XXXX and not in a 4-digit pattern: (01915) XX XXXX.


Although the numbers will not differ and would still enable the caller to contact the same individual or company, posting an improper contact number could affect the professional image of the organization. Companies that incorrectly present a contact number would be less trusted by clients.


Even if it’s only a minor issue, misrepresenting phone numbers will greatly affect the profit that a business would gain. Since customers do not have much trust on that company anymore, they will invest less. And this will turn out negatively for the business.


But then again, this problem can be avoided by simply availing of a service provider that gives toll free numbers. These numbers give the impression that those who employ them are big multinational companies. In consequence, they are considered established and reliable.


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