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The St Albans area code, which is also known as the 1727 area code, is a 4-figured type of area code that encompasses the areas of Bowmansgreen, Colney Heath and Park Street.


Originally, the area code of St Albans is only made up of 3 numerals. The St Albans area code was represented by area code 727. However, the area code of St Albans was altered to increase the number inventory of the area. It was transformed to meet the growing demands for new phone numbers that were rapidly dwindling at that time. The answer that authorities came up with was to hand out several area code formations to all cities and communities within the United Kingdom.


The allocation of new area codes to different regions in the UK was done during PhONEday. The new area code arrangement that was received by St Albans is the (01XXX) XX XXXX format. This new arrangement does not change any number in the original area code. Instead a new number is incorporated to it. This involved the numeral 1 injected before the former St Albans area code. This reformed the previous area code to the 1727 area code. The area code pattern adapted by St Albans is the most common area code being used in the UK. This type of area code format is usually paired with a 6-digit long local number, although there are some rare instances of it being joined with 5-digit local numbers. The St Albans area code is paired with 6-digit long St Albans local numbers.


St Albans local numbers are a random set of numbers. They are not constant and can differ from one St Albans location to the other. The range of these numbers starts from 0X XXXX up to 9X XXXX. Incorporating this range of numbers to the area code format of St Albans would give you the contact number range of the phone numbers in that area. The phone numbers of St. Albans would be within the range of 01727 0X XXXX up to 01727 9X XXXX.

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Looking at the number range of St. Albans' contact numbers, you would easily see that it is made up of 11 digits. These 11 numerals are the ones that callers outside of St Albans territory need to input unto their phones to contact someone from St Albans. Dialing the trunk code 0, 1727 area code plus the St Albans local numbers would give callers a hard time when they need to reach a person or a company in that area.


This scenario poses a problem not only for callers but for companies as well. Companies will have a hard time in recruiting new clients outside of St Albans. This obstacle in communication can be removed through the use of RingCentral telephony products.


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