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One of the few area codes that did not retain their previous area codes during PhONEday was the Sheffield area code. When new area code formats were implemented on PhONEday, most area codes of the United Kingdom still retained the same numerals in their area code and were only added with the figure 1. This process of area code transformation was not the same with what happened to the Sheffield area code. Sheffield originally had 0742 as its area code and local numbers that contain 6 figures. Instead of transforming it into area code 1742, the Sheffield area code was altered in a different format. Instead of increasing the length of its area code as what other area codes have gone through, it still contained 3-digits. However, the digits that make up its local numbers were increased by a single digit.


The numbers that make up the Sheffield area code were all altered. From 0742, it was reformed into the 0114 area code. This unique characteristic of changing the whole area code of an area can be attributed to the area code format that Sheffield was given. The area code pattern that was administered to it was the (0114) XXX XXXX pattern. The X's in the pattern illustrates the local numbers of Sheffield.


The first batch of Sheffield local numbers had the numeral 2 as its starting number. The pattern for Sheffield contact numbers that have 2 as their starting local number take the format (0114) 2XX XXXX. The stock of phone numbers that had these numbers lasted from 1995 up until 2004.


In 2004, a series of new types of local numbers were introduced to Sheffield. These set of numbers will be used as supplements for the depleted Sheffield local numbers. These local numbers had a starting digit of 3. (0114) 3XX XXXX is the format of these new Sheffield local numbers. These local numbers may have different starting numbers but they are still made up of 7 figures.

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There are times that some companies would incorrectly display their contact numbers as 01143 XX XXXX. This wrong representation of the new local number is one of the factors that led to the assumption that the 1143 area code is a genuine area code. Another factor that further confused 1143 area code as Sheffield's official area code is the popularity of 4-digit area codes.


If the perception that 1143 area code continues to gain ground, companies that own the first batch of Sheffield local numbers would be affected. Customers would think that dialing 1143 would connect them to their company. This simple problem in communication would result to major complications such as lost customers and profit loss.


Loss of customers and profits can be avoided by addressing the problem in communication. You can avail of a contact number that has the number 1143 to solve this problem. Although, availing of a contact number that has 1143 is only a short-term solution. When Sheffield changes into another area code, your company will experience the same problems.


The best solution for this problem is to purchase a phone system that grants a contact number that is independent of area codes and the restrictions that come with their usage. RingCentral is a prime example of such a phone system. They provide your organization with non-geographic numbers that are far more flexible than those using area codes.


Aside from the non-geographic numbers, RingCentral also offers Call Diversion, Call Management, Call Screening to your business. With RingCentral, your company will be able to minimize customer loss and maximize profit.


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