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The Salisbury area code was originally composed of 3 digits: 722. The supply of these numbers was sufficient for a long time until the number of mobile phones and Internet dial-ups increased rapidly. These devices also use telephone lines. The prominence of these gadgets coupled with the constant growth in population led to the increase in the demand of phone numbers not only in Salisbury but to the whole of the United Kingdom as well. The sudden rise in the need for phone numbers was not anticipated. As a result, it surpassed the current available supply of phone numbers.


This shortage of numbers prompted Ofcom to design new area code arrangements to address the number problem in UK. These new formats of area codes were given to different regions of UK in 1995 during PhONEday.


The area code formation that was bestowed to the Salisbury area code was (01XXX) XX XXXX. This new pattern infused the number 1 unto the former area code of Salisbury. It increased the number of digits that the Salisbury area code previously once had by a single digit. This new area code arrangement changed the Salisbury area code to become the 1772 area code.


Using the 1772 area code, a typical Salisbury phone number would look like this: (01722) XX XXXX. This area code, along with the trunk code 0, is a permanent number. They remain the same whether you call from one Salisbury area to another. On the other hand, the X's outside of the parentheses represent the Salisbury local numbers. These numbers will always change and are dependent on the area that is being called to. The 1772 area code is used to specify that a call is to be made on that location, while Salisbury local numbers separates a specific location in Salisbury. Salisbury local numbers act as a personal address of a certain company or an individual from the rest of the contact numbers that also employ the Salisbury area code.

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Although the new area code patterns were successful in creating a considerable amount of phone number supply, it also brought with it problems in communication. The particular problem that it created was the confusion on the length of the area codes and its corresponding local numbers. There are times that the area code digits are mistaken as part of the local numbers and vice versa.


The number disorientation that has occurred in callers is sometimes caused by businesses and companies that post an incorrect format of the area code. Some businesses that have 4-digit area codes sometimes post their contact number in an incorrect pattern. There are times that instead of posting four figures on their area code, they include one digit from the local number or exclude one figure from the area code.


Instead of being able to provide convenience to callers, they further perplex the callers. Even companies that post the correct format of their area code will be affected by the incorrect contact number sequence being presented by other organizations.


To avoid experiencing this troubles caused by wrong interpretation of area codes, you need to have a contact number that is not associated with an area code. A contact number that would give your clients a serviceable that would not be distracting. All of these contact number qualities can be gained by acquiring the services of RingCentral. 0870, 0845, click-to-call-me, dial by name, auto attendant, Call Controller, call forwarding and call screening are just some of the features that helps in providing your customers with the foremost accessibility and supreme comfort in contacting your company.


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