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A lot of changes have been undergone by the Portsmouth area code. It was initially known as area code 0701 and was altered to become 0705. But little did citizens know that another modification of the area code was to happen during PhONEday. It was given an additional number to add to its current area code. And the new number was the digit 1. It was to be inserted between the Portsmouth area code and its trunk prefix 0. This resulted to the creation of the 01705 area code. Portsmouth local numbers during this time, then, was composed of 6 digits.


The last reformation of the Portsmouth area code appeared during the Big Number Change in the year 2000. From formerly being 01705, the Portsmouth area code was reformatted into area code 023. The Portsmouth local numbers also changed. From being comprised of 6 numerals, it was lengthened to 8 figures.


This 023 area code of Portsmouth is also employed by Southampton. The main difference between the area codes being used by the two regions is the local numbers that are attached with them. Portsmouth local numbers starts with the numeral 9, while the Southampton local numbers has an initial number of 8.


Due to the different changes that occurred with the Portsmouth area code, some individuals and companies often misrepresent the number format of Portsmouth contact numbers. Instead of exhibiting this format (023) XXXX XXXX, it was presented in this way: (023XX)XX XXXX. This misrepresentation of telephone numbers resulted to confusion, aside from misdirected and oftentimes lost calls.

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Further increasing the confusion of callers was the inclusion of the first two figures of the local numbers of Portsmouth unto its area code. These initial 2 numbers were 9 and 3 respectively. The incorporation of these numbers created the 2393 area code. This would be expressed in this pattern, (02393)XX XXXX. The area code of Portsmouth which was supposed to be made up of only 2 figures is now mistakenly perceived as having 4 numbers. Although the 2393 area code confused callers, it separated it from the numbers used by Southampton.


The 2393 area code should never really be considered as an area code of Portsmouth. Businesses should start learning how to properly write or publish their contact numbers or they would be able to receive no calls at all. What's worst, clients will never trust doing business with you again because you cannot even just learn how to write your telephone number properly. This kind of mistake will make your company look unprofessional. Moreover, committing this mistake would lead to losses in terms of net income and would also affect the confidence clients have in your company.


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