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Long before the Nottingham area code was known as the 1157 area code, it was originally referred to as area code 0602. 0602 and 1157 are not the only numbers that stand for the Nottingham area code, but other numbers were also employed in between the two.


The first set of numbers that replaced area code 0602 as the Nottingham area code was 115. It was in 1995 when area code 115 was first used to symbolize the Nottingham area code. The 115 area code was created in the course of PhONEday along with several other United Kingdom area codes.


(011X) XXX XXXX was the area code pattern commissioned to Nottingham. This area code arrangement is given to the second level cities and towns when they were attributed with the 3-digit area codes. The area codes were not the only ones that changed but also the local numbers. Prior to PhONEday, local numbers utilizing this area code formation had 6-digits. After its implementation, local numbers were increased by 1 figure in length.


It was the constantly growing demand of phone numbers that had resulted to the different alterations of the local numbers of Nottingham. The several changes made to its local numbers led to the misconception that the Nottingham area code had also changed.

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The modifications were only done with the local numbers, specifically its first digit. Based on the (011X) XXX XXXX pattern, the first Nottingham local numbers employed the figure 9 as its initial. Its format was (0115) 9XX XXXX. But as the numbers of mobile phone usage and other gadgets that requires the use of a telephone line increased, the stock of Nottingham local numbers has significantly decreased. Just two years after launching 9 as its first digit in its local numbers, its supply was depleted. As a response to the phone number crisis, local numbers that start with the number 8 was to be used as a supplement.


Nottingham local numbers that employed the numeral 8 as its initial number lasted until 2006. It was on this year that the initial digit of the local numbers of Nottingham was again replaced. The number that was to be used was 7. The pattern to be used when calling to Nottingham would be represented by (0115) 7XX XXXX. This new number arrangement led to the wrong assumption of the 1157 area code.


The 1157 area code is now frequently misquoted as the area code of Nottingham. This could be because 1157 is the latest number being utilized in Nottingham. This belief would benefit companies that have this number but would put organizations that do not have this at a disadvantage. Calls that were supposed to be directed for them would be connected to others.


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