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The Newport area code was one the area codes that were modified when changes in United Kingdom’s area code was implemented. These modifications in the area code were necessary in order to meet the growing need of consumers and subscribers for new phone numbers. Ofcom (Office of Communication) was the one assigned to think of solutions for this problem in telecommunications.


The solution that Ofcom presented was to assign area code patterns and local number sequences based on the population and the territory of a given area. Areas that have a bigger territory and larger population would be given shorter area code patterns and longer local number sequence. Places that have a low populace and smaller region would be given the opposite. The sum of this numbers when added must equal to 10. For example, a 3-digit area code must be paired with a 7-figured local number. This can be considered as a 10-digit dialing system, excluding the trunk code 0. This plan was to be carried out in 1995 during PhONEday.


It was on this period that the original Newport area code was changed into the 1633 area code. This new Newport area code became 1633 because it followed the area code format (01XXX) XX XXXX. Newport was given this area code pattern because of its high population and large territory. Phone numbers that will be generated using this format provide the third highest supply.

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This Newport area code that is also known as the 1633 area code is 4 figures long. It is to be dialed before the Newport local numbers and right after the trunk prefix 0. To conform to 10-digit dialing, the Newport local numbers are composed of 6 numerals. These Newport local numbers are to be combined with the area code of Newport when calling to a certain location within the boundaries of Newport. The downside to having this as your contact number is that a single wrong input of a number would not connect the call.


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