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The Londonderry area code follows the latest UK geographical number format which was formed during the Big Number Change. It is composed of a 2-digit area code with a (028) XXXX XXXX pattern. The letters X that follow the digits 028 represent the 8-digit Londonderry local numbers. Londonderry is not the only place that has the numerals 2 and 8 as its area code. Other cities and towns located in Northern Ireland also possess a 028 area code.


The first two digits of the local numbers that have an area code 028 configuration would be different from one region to another. This was done to give each city its own unique contact number and to be able to separate these locations. The first two numerals of Londonderry local numbers were 7 and 1. Because of this local number assignment, the Londonderry area code was often referred to as the 2871 area code.


The incorporation of Londonderry local numbers to Londonderry area code oftentimes confuses callers into thinking that it is a 4-digit area code. A possible reason for this misconception can be blamed on some companies that post their contact numbers in a pattern that would associate the Londonderry area code and the first two numbers of its local number.


The pattern that they use is seen as (02871) XXXXXX. The correct presentation of the 2871 area code should be in this form, (028) 71XX XXXX. In this number sequence, a caller can clearly see that the 2871 area code is a combination of the area code and the initial parts of the local number. Technically, area code 2871 is not the official area code of Londonderry. It was only presented in that way to separate Londonderry from other areas of Northern Ireland.

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