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From the 1960's up to 1990, the London area code was 01. This area code of London was used for a long time until its number inventory was used up. The supply of London phone numbers were supplemented in the 1990 by splitting London into two parts: inner and outer. Inner London would be given area code 071 while outer London would have 081 as its area code.


The London Area Code was modified again on PhONEday in 1995. Both of London's area codes were given the area code format 01X1. The X is replaced by the digit 7 for inner London while the X for the outer London is 8. Both area codes changed from being composed of only 2 numbers to a 3-digit area code. This increase in the length of the area code is the result of the insertion of the number 1 to both area codes. London local numbers during this period was 7 numerals long.


PhONEday was intended to produce a considerable supply of phone numbers. But in the case of the London area code, it was only successful in creating a significant pool of unused numbers that was used for other services. The failure of PhONEday has led to another event that would try to accomplish what it failed to do. This activity was the Big Number Change that happened in 2000. This occurrence altered the area codes of London to become area code 020.


This new area code arrangement of employing 2-digit area codes from the previous 4 figured area code was able to augment the supply of phone numbers of the London area. This new area code was also used by both inner and outer London. This consolidated the different parts of London under area code 020. London local numbers utilized during this time was increased to 8 digits.

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On June 2005, a specific type of London local numbers was released. These local numbers were to start with the number 3. The area code format of London would look like this, 020 3XXX XXXX. This resulted to the misconception of the 203 area code. The misinterpretation that the 203 area code is the official area code of London is caused by the perception of callers that London still uses 4-digit area codes.


All these changes in the London Area Code were caused by the ever-increasing demand for new phone numbers. Businesses and companies need multiple phone lines and network for their telephones, faxes and Internet access. Even those that live in their homes also employ the same communication gadgets. Another contributing factor to this considerable growth in the need for phone numbers is the mushrooming and proliferation of mobile phones. There are some individuals, specifically businessmen, who own several mobile phones.


No one would like to change number if it can be avoided. Problems such as informing previous contacts about the new number are just one of the complications that can be caused by switching to a new number. Based on the past experiences that had happened with the area codes of London, the 203 area code will be depleted.


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