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The original Liverpool area code was composed of only two figures and it was created out of the All Figure Dialling system which was popularly implemented back in the 1960's. All Figure Dialling was a popular call practice then and it entailed the exclusive use of numbers instead of mixing alphabets and numerals together when ringing a contact via phone.


The two numbers that composed the Liverpool area code during that time was 5 and 1. Along with the trunk prefix 0, 5 and 1 were required to be dialled when a person was to call a place or person located in Liverpool. If for instance you are calling from another geographic location, the numerals 0, 5 and 1 would precede the number of your contact.


The set 051 served as the Liverpool area code for quite some time until its supply was at the brink of exhaustion. As a precautionary measure, Ofcom (Office of Communications) made several improvisations on the area codes being used in the United Kingdom. They laid out several area code patterns that will be assigned to each and every single area in the country.


The area code formation that was given to Liverpool was the 01X1 format. And the 151 area code was the set that was developed using that arrangement. The former area code was inserted with the digit 1 in the new area code, changing area code 051 to the 0151 area code.


The places that utilize the 3-digit area codes are larger compared to regions that have longer area codes. This is because a shorter area code would be paired with a longer local number and longer area codes will have shorter local numbers joining them. This would result to a higher amount of supply for areas that utilize shorter area codes.

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As of today, the Liverpool area code is still using the 151 area code. It is actually one of the few places that use 3 numerals as their area code. Since it has a 3-digit area code, it would then be partnered with a 7-digit local numbers in order to be functional.


Summing up the Liverpool local numbers along with the Liverpool area code and its trunk prefix 0 would compose 11 digits. This is the total number of figures that a caller must input on their phone to make a call. Both the trunk code and area code are permanent and will not change. But the Liverpool local numbers will be dependent upon what is given to them by the telecommunications service provider.


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