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Long before the 028 XXXX XXXX area code pattern became the official Lisburn area code, it had its fair share of previous area codes. In the early 1970's the area code of Lisburn was a 3-digit area code, namely area code 846. It was used for quite some time but was also replaced with another one after the PhONEday event in 1995. This was during this period when area code 0846 was added with the figure 1, converting it to area code 1846.


Nowadays, the Lisburn area code is one of the few that have an area code arrangement of 028 XXXX XXXX. This area code pattern was created in the Big Number Change that happened in the year 2000. An area code of this format is shorter than the original area code that Lisburn was previously using. And this is better since a shorter area code would provide more supply of phone numbers for that location. This is since there are more numerals that can be used as combination for Lisburn local numbers.


An area code formation of this kind is used for regions that are located in Northern Island and other third level cities in the United Kingdom. The new area code given to Lisburn was 028. And at the same time, the initial Lisburn local numbers were assigned with the digits 9 and 2. This alteration in the Lisburn area code resulted to the creation of the 2892 area code.


Before the switch to the 2892 area code, the previous Lisburn area code was also employed in several locations in Northern Ireland. These cities and communities would include Aghalee, Moria, Hillsborough and Dromore among many others.

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Lisburn local numbers were also changed to 8 digits when the area codes were reduced from 4 digits to only 2 numbers. The first two numerals of the local number were 9 and 2, and these were constant numbers, while the remaining 6 would vary from one local number to another. The numbers 9 and 2 are permanent because they act like an extension of the Lisburn area code. When callers see a phone number that has numbers starting with area code 028 followed by 9211 1111, they will readily know that this phone number is assigned to Lisburn.


This is the reason why the Lisburn area code is sometimes misinterpreted as the 2892 area code. Technically, it should be (028) 92XX XXXX because it is a 2-digit area code. However, callers often perceive it as a 4-figured area code (0298) XX XXXX and this is how they wrongly identify it.


Businesses then should be observant of this area code misconception. After all, this could very well lead to loss of business contacts as they are confused or rerouted to other numbers. Given that the supply of local numbers that start with 9 and 2 are nearing exhaustion, Lisburn will then again have a new set of local numbers that would use other numerals as its first two digits. With this, further mix ups are bound to occur.


Based on the many changes that happened with Lisburn's area code, it is clear that many companies and businesses will be affected when this new change occurs. However, you can exempt your company from experiencing the problems that a number change will bring by availing of telephony products from RingCentral.


The RingCentral phone system is not influenced by any changes in the area code assignment of your location because they can provide your business with non-geographic numbers. These numbers are not restricted to any geographic area code and will remain as is over a long period of time. Moreover, RingCentral allows you to freely select the area code designation of your own choice.


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