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Among the few area codes that employ only 3 digits is the Leicester area code. Though the Leicester area code is only composed of 3 numbers, it provides a greater amount of stock compared to regions that utilize 4 or more figures for their area code. It is important to note that 3-digit area codes are bestowed to cities and towns that have a considerable number of populations.


Like most of the places that has 3-digit area codes, the Leicester area code was created on 1995 during PhONEday. Its previous area code was known as 0533. However, it later became the 116 area code at the time of PhONEday. Now, the area code configuration of Leicester was 0116 XXX XXXX and the number 0 was the trunk code, which all United Kingdom area code used at that time. In the area code configuration, the 6 X's stood for Leicester local numbers.


Given this, it is obvious that Leicester local numbers are inconsistent. Since different localities had different numbers and different regions applied different numbers as well, the combinations were inexhaustible. The area code, on the other hand, is fixed and poses no problem to users. In all the numbers included in Leicester local numbers, its first numbers are those that are always retained by callers.


The most popular of the initial digits of the local numbers of Leicester is the number 3. This is the reason why most callers often mistake Leicester area code as 1163 area code. Another possible cause of this is the popularity of 4-digit area codes. As a result, the first digit of local number using a 3-digit area code is being mistaken as part of the area code. As such, this number became a constant figure in the call practice for almost 5 years. Callers were so used to dialing this number that they wrongly incorporated it to the area code of Leicester.

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When callers dial the 1163 area code, they will still be connected to a phone number in Leicester as long as its local numbers start with 3. This can be quite a problem for those businesses that do not have the figure 3 as their initial local number. Customers and profits might be lost just because of the misconception of 1163 area code.


Businesses and companies that have another number as the first digit of their local number are those that have subscribed to phone numbers on the late months of 2009 and onwards. It was during this time that the (0116) 4XX XXXX became the new phase of local numbers, replacing the popular phase number (0116) 3XX XXXX.


As a business located in Leicester that has newly acquired a phone number, the misconception of the area code is a big problem to overcome. To be able to get through this difficulty, you will need to have a phone system that will eliminate the problem of this mistaken belief.


The RingCentral telecommunications system is the answer to this problem. They will provide your phone system with a contact number that will remove the hassles of using area codes. Furthermore, they will give you a business phone number that would exceed the capabilities of communication system that have area codes as contact numbers.


It is able to do this by granting you several top of the line features and services. These features are also the latest in telecommunication technology. This keeps your company up to date with all communication functions that would help you achieve an excellent telecommunications system.


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