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There were many area codes in the United Kingdom that was modified in 1995, including the Inverness area code. The change occurred during PhONEday. The modification of area codes in the UK was brought about by the declining stock of phone numbers in the region. The set of area codes that will be produced from using new area code formations will provide a significant supply of phone numbers for years to come.


The area code pattern that was utilized for the Inverness area code was the 01XXX format. The area codes that are included in this pattern starts from 01200 up to 01998. Those that use the area code format 01X1 are excluded. This variety of area code system is what makes 4-digit area codes.


This area code format increased the length of the Inverness area code from 3 figures to 4 numerals long. Originally, it was known as area code 463 but the incorporation of the numeral 1 changed the Inverness area code to 1463.


This type of area codes is usually fused with 6-digit local numbers while there are a few that employs 5 numerals as their local numbers. The Inverness local numbers belong to the former group of local numbers. Both the 1463 area code and the Inverness local numbers are mandatory numbers that have to be dialed when making a call to Inverness. Together with the trunk prefix 0, there are 11 figures that need to be dialed in total.

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Retaining all these numbers to memory can be a tedious task. Most individuals can recall the 1463 area code but not all the Inverness local numbers. Companies that have contact numbers associated with the Inverness area code will find a hard time recruiting clients.


One factor which can affect recruiting new customers is a longer and harder-to-remember phone number. Another factor is that this type of number will not stand out. It is just among one of the many numbers that are available in the city of Inverness.


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