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The Bristol area code is one of the different area codes being utilized in the United Kingdom. Since Bristol belongs to the second batch of UK's big cities and towns, it uses the three-digit area codes so that there would be enough combination of local numbers to be used there. As part of the PhONEday in 1995, Bristol is one of the six areas that followed the 11x pattern followed by a seven-digit subscriber number. Bristol used to have 0272 as its area code before the 11x pattern was implemented. On that year, the new numbering for Bristol became (0117) 9XX XXXX. Bristol local numbers started with 9xx xxxx range.


Two years later, the stock of Bristol local numbers were exhausted and the area was issued a 3xx xxxx number range by Canada's Office of Communications (OfCom). Not so long, another series of local numbers were issued to Bristol. Since 2007, 1172 area code has been added to the Bristol area codes because of the 2XX XXXX number range.


The first three of the seven-digit Bristol local numbers represents an area within the city. The total number of digits including the Bristol area code is always ten after the initial zero. Having four sets of area codes affected many companies and businesses in the city, most especially those who are still using the oldest Bristol area code. If a company wanted to add an additional phone line for its facsimile machine, there's a big chance that the new subscription will be assigned a new Bristol area code. It will probably start with the 1172 area code.

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This poses a problem for clients and customers. They now must be able to properly associate the local numbers with their corresponding area codes. As a business you must take into consideration that some of your customers would find a hard time in memorizing your contact numbers. Adding to its difficulty is the fact that your contact number is composed of 10 or more digits.


This is where RingCentral specializes. Not in memorizing long range phone numbers, but in providing telecommunication solutions that would solve these kind of problems. Through its versatile phone system, the Bristol area code dilemma will vanish into thin air. The RingCentral phone system can provide companies with a toll free number that would be easier to recall by clients.


This phone system also uses just one line to cater all the company's needs like incoming and outgoing calls, fax and emails. A company can choose the current 1172 area code to be added to their Bristol local number. This can be used as the official contact number. No more hassle. Just one single number for all the company's communication needs.


Aside from being affordable, RingCentral's phone system offers a lot of features that could greatly benefit businesses. One of these features is the call management system wherein incoming calls can be screened, put on hold, and even be rejected or blocked. The call management feature includes Call Screening, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller Display, Call Hold, Call Block and Click-to-call. With this kind of phone system, a company can have total control over all incoming calls and could lessen stress that comes with handling irate clients. Avail now of RingCentral's phone system and take full control of your business communication system.


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