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The Brighton area code that has just been implemented in 2005 was the 1273 area code. This type of area code belonged to the group that used the number 1. The digit 1 was placed before the local number and just after the trunk code. Calling to Brighton would require one to first input the 0 digit, its trunk code. It is then followed by the Brighton area code or the 1273 area code and finally the Brighton local numbers.


The sequence of inputting the numbers must be correctly placed or else the call will not be connected. The 1273 area code should be punched in after the trunk code and the Brighton local numbers should be last. Callers must be aware of this. Companies must also remind their callers of this proper way of reaching their organization.


Calling through this method is far more complicated when your clients are based outside of your country. Clients that are from abroad need to dial the country code of UK along with the Brighton area code and its corresponding Brighton local numbers. As if dialing the area code and its local numbers were not troublesome enough, callers that are offshore must add first input (44).


You can save your customers and your company from all this trouble by securing the services of RingCentral. Their telephony products offer a variety of features that provide excellent functionalities for your business. They can administer 0845 numbers to your company. This number is special because it does not have any boundaries unlike Brighton area code and Brighton local numbers. There are several advantages that can be derived from this outstanding feature of RingCentral. Among the benefits that your company can get is that long distance calls are cheaper, have multiple extensions and it also generates additional income.

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The charges of long distance calls that your customers incur from calling your company through this number is almost the same to that of a local call. With this number installed in your business phone, your clients will never have to pay much as the costs of long distance calls. This is a great way to recruit clients from across the country. They will be calling your business more since it is inexpensive, which you would not experience if you have a Brighton area code.


This phone number also helps in promoting the services and products of your company. It can also serve as your main phone number that can be connected to multiple extensions. Through these extensions, your customers can easily contact your employees. Mobile phones and home phones can also be included in these extensions. All you need to do is register these numbers with RingCentral. This gives you and your workers flexibility and mobility in receiving calls, messages and even faxes. Missed and lost calls will now be a thing of the past.


The best thing about this number is that you can also profit from the incoming calls that you have generated. This is because a certain percentage of the call is paid to the called party. The more incoming calls that are processed to your organization, the more money you will earn from this calls. You can then use these earnings for other activities and projects that would help your business.


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