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The Aberdeen area code is one of the many area codes being employed in the United Kingdom. There are 4 different types of area codes in UK. They differ in the number of digits that they contain. Area codes can be classified into: 2, 3, 4 and 5 digits in terms of length. The preceding zero, which is its trunk code, is not included in counting. Regions are given area codes based on their territories. The larger the city or community, the shorter area code they have.


The Aberdeen area code belongs to the group that contains 4-digit area codes. Its area code is the 1224 area code. Having 4-digits would mean that the Aberdeen area code territory is not as large compared to other cities in the UK.


Aberdeen local numbers are composed of six digits. Calling to Aberdeen would require the callers to dial the 1224 area code plus the Aberdeen local numbers. The format of calling in Aberdeen would look like this 01224-XXXXXX. This way of dialing was started as part of the phONEday event that happened in 1995. phONEday is the process of adding a prefix to the preexisting area codes.


This was done to give additional supply to the stock of phone numbers in UK. It resulted to the creation of a considerable amount of new phone numbers. Luckily for the Aberdeen area code, it still has sufficient numbers to sustain the need for new Aberdeen local numbers.

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Although this problem is properly addressed by OFCOM (Office of Communication), this will only be good for some time. Time will come that the supply of the Aberdeen area code will be exhausted. What would happen then? Will there be another prefix added to the 1224 area code or will they overlay it with an area code? Whatever method they choose to do, it will have significant effects on the businesses and companies based in Aberdeen.


When the changes were first implemented in 1995, there were a lot of misdialed and misplaced calls. This resulted in lost profits and even lost customers for some companies then. These problems happened despite several reminders done by OFCOM. Even prerecorded messages did not help much in preventing these events from happening.


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