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New Customer Experience Capabilities for Smarter Work & Deeper Insights


  • Elevate customer experiences with video interactions and improved call routing.
  • Reduce agent effort providing the best answers to resolve customer issues quickly.
  • Gain operational insights into WhatsApp outbound campaigns and staffing forecasts.

Your customer service is the main factor that distinguishes you from your competitors. Research out there proves this to be true. For example, Salesforce found that 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.

Customer service is a big part of the customer experience. While some companies struggle to provide adequate customer service, others are making a name for themselves by creating stellar customer service experiences.

RingCentral has been a long-standing leader in the contact centre industry. With this expertise, we’ve designed 10 new tools and features to help your service team strengthen your contact centre experience and keep your customers and agents productive, knowledgeable and satisfied.

We’ve bucketed these new features into three helpful categories:

Elevate customer experiences

Our Engage Digital application is constantly growing and evolving to meet customer satisfaction expectations. It only takes one subpar experience to lose a customer. Nearly 90% of customers who rate customer service as “very good,” report trusting that company. On the other hand, 16% who give a poor rating trust companies to the same degree, reports the Qualtrics XM Institute. We’ve improved the customer experience by adding features that your customers need.

1. Engage Digital: Switch to video

RingCentral’s Engage Messaging for chat has grown up and become more advanced than before. We’ve added video conferencing to the chat service. Customers who prefer the personal touch can switch from chat to video instantly – without the need for downloading another app, still with the same agents, or devices to see a live human representative. Resolve issues that require visual interaction quickly, such as product troubleshooting or remote health checkups.

2. Engage Digital: LinkedIn integration

You asked for it and RingCentral delivered. Engage Digital is now integrated with LinkedIn so you can engage with your customers and respond to comments directly from Engage Digital. Engage in one-on-one conversations with your audience on LinkedIn, and resolve customer issues faster.

3.  Contact Centre: Attribute routing

Attribute routing enables you to be more precise and offers skill-based routing and agent proficiency. Up to 100 attributes can be assigned to an agent to inform routing decisions. This eliminates the need for complex IVR logic, while ensuring  customers are matched with the best available agent.

4.  Boost digital engagement with RingCentral Contact Centre

According to recent Harvard Business Review research, 81% of customers want to start with digital first to find the answer to their question or resolve their problem. To boost this digital engagement, customers now have the flexibility to continue a chatbot conversation even days after they left the previous interaction.  This reduces customers’ efforts and stops them from needing to enter the question again. Based on the customer’s browser language, digital interactions are automatically routed to the right agent for added flexibility and customisation. This means customers have a better  digital experience earlier in their journey.

5.  Improve the Digital First experience with RingCentral Contact Centre

Messaging applications, self-service bots and virtual agents are now more engaging thanks to rich media for more human-like conversations with customers. Carousel, rich links, menu, buttons or videos can be used to make the digital experience more engaging.

Reduce agent effort

According to the 2022 Contact Centre Challenges and Priority Study, contact centre team members in all positions state that “increasing workload” is their company’s second-biggest challenge. COVID-19 magnified the workload challenges that were already prevalent in contact centres prior to the global shutdown. According to SQM Group, call centres’

average handle time (AHT) increased by 8% from 2019 to 2021. So, taking a load off of agents is a real challenge contact centre leaders face today.  

6. Engage Agent Assist

Engage Digital Agent Assist helps agents resolve issues by integrating Engage Digital with Google for AI recommended customer responses. The agent receives the three most suited replies based on the context of the conversation. These suggestions help agents respond in a timely manner. This leads to improved ESAT, agent productivity and CSAT with more accurate agent responses, higher FCR, reduced costs and fewer abandoned digital interactions. Overall, this helps contact centres deliver a high-level unified digital experience as they provide the same answers across all channels. This also reduces answering time and the average handling time.

Gain operational insights

“…to fully reap the advantages of advanced analytics, organisations must have the right foundations in place to make the most of their data.” – McKinsey

It seems that many companies aren’t using advanced analytics and are missing out on the huge benefits it offers. Advanced analytics is when organisations use sophisticated data analysis and modelling techniques to extract meaningful information from large data sets. Though it’s often used by large multinational organisations, it’s becoming increasingly accessible for small, niche businesses as well. The result is increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue.

t seems that many companies aren’t using advanced analytics and are missing out on the huge benefits it offers. Advanced analytics is when organisations use sophisticated data analysis and modelling techniques to extract meaningful information from large data sets. Though it’s often used by large multinational organisations, it’s becoming increasingly accessible for small, niche businesses as well. The result is increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue.

7.  Quality management premium

Quality Management premium offers an innovative approach in the contact centre world. The tool helps contact centres unlock soft-skill behaviours, evaluating and coaching agents through AI analysis of key customer service traits. A dedicated agent behaviours insights report shows how agents score across different skills, advising on coaching to adapt the training programme and then, to improve quality. This tool makes quality assurance easier than ever before with automation in the evaluation of agent behaviours.

8.  Engage Digital: WhatsApp outbound analytics

If you’re looking to get an in-depth understanding of what’s happening on your WhatsApp campaigns, use Engage Digital’s WhatsApp analytics offering detailed analytics for your WhatsApp campaigns. Our newest features help you understand which WhatsApp numbers most conversations come from and the types of conversations your customers engage in. These self-service analytics let you easily measure usage from within the product on your own. This eliminates the need to rely on external resources to improve campaign performance by better understanding volume by conversation type.

9.  Enhanced WFM forecasting

Santa Claus is coming to town, and you need to know how many agents to schedule to handle all those holiday sales calls. Our Enhanced WFM Forecasting is a powerful yet simple-to-use solution that helps companies forecast call volume and staffing needs accurately and faster. With this tool, you can set up your forecasting periods, input your historical data, and choose the best forecast to meet your performance needs. From now on, you can schedule resources more efficiently with the weekly forecasts added option and the agility to use up to 10 what-if scenarios.

10.  Ad-hoc quality management

With ad-hoc quality management, you can evaluate interactions and workflows outside of the contact centre within a single QM platform. This eliminates the need for third party systems, spreadsheets and guesswork, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved employee visibility.

The customer experience is so important in today’s highly competitive world. Get the best out of your team with the tools and analytics you need to make decisions quickly and confidently. Having the right contact centre solutions to improve the customer experience can truly change the direction of your business. Discover how RingCentral can help you elevate your customer experience here. 

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Aurelie Daniel is a CX International Product Marketing Manager at RingCentral, the leader in cloud communication and customer experience solutions, and is solution oriented, focusing on customer experience trends, contact centre challenges, to create both values for companies and the end-customer that we are. She has a solid 10 years of experience in the contact centre industry as a product manager supporting sales team in offering value added CX solution to the business, within companies such as Orange Labs, Akio and Eloquant. Aurelie Daniel holds a MBA and a Business school Master's degree and her hobbies are short distance runs, Do-in, gardening and nature walks.
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