Bryan Peddie

Bryan is a Product Marketing Manager with experience in transforming the employee and customer journey across digital and physical channels in retailers and financial institutions. Bryan is responsible for the MVP product line, and the Global solutions for the international business.

AI-Driven Meetings for Better Hybrid Work

With today’s global workforce embracing hybrid work, the need for richer, more intelligent video meetings has never been greater. Since…

6 days ago

The Future of Telephony: 6 Predictions for 2023

You might be surprised, but the future of telephony is rich and promising. There has been a silent, emerging disruptor…

2 months ago

End-to-End Encryption: What It Is and Why It Matters

As video conferencing continues to grow in importance for businesses, end-to-end encryption has never been a more critical feature for…

3 months ago

Conversational AI, E2EE & More: RingCentral’s Latest Innovations

IT leaders are challenged with a balancing act between different priorities, driving productivity through digital transformation, keeping the company securely…

3 months ago

Report: Study finds RingCentral is #1 in UCaaS analytics

Have you been asked to do more with less lately? Economic conditions have created pressure to cut costs. But, it…

4 months ago

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