Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send faxes to any machine?

Yes. With RingCentral Fax, you can send faxes to any fax machine in the US or overseas.

How long are my received faxes stored?

Your faxes are saved for an unlimited time, up to 200 faxes, in your online account. All your faxes will also be saved indefinitely in your Softphone inbox.

Can I send from any application?

Yes. As soon as you sign up, RingCentral is integrated with Microsoft Windows®. You’ll see a RingCentral fax icon on your Windows applications—such as Microsoft Outlook®, Word, etc. When you click the fax button, your document will be converted to a fax and sent to any fax machine with a US or international number.

Can I block junk faxes?

Yes. As opposed to a traditional fax machine, RingCentral Fax lets you block junk faxes as easily as you block junk email. You’ll save time and money on printing costs.

How can I broadcast faxes to multiple people?

In your online account, you can create “groups” of contacts and then easily send faxes to those groups.

Can I also receive phone calls on my RingCentral fax number?

You can upgrade to RingCentral Professional service and use your toll free or local number for both fax and voice calls. RingCentral Professional is a complete communication solution for small businesses and individual professionals. Like a personal assistant, it will screen, forward and dial calls, take voicemail, send and receive faxes, and alert you to important messages.