Enterprise Communication Tools for Big Businesses and Organizations

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As your business grows bigger, your communication software needs also change. With new positions, departments, offices, and even new businesses acquisitions, simple phone service may no longer suffice.

Compared to small businesses, the larger the organization, the more complex its communication requirements are.  From setting up remote work and connecting distributed locations, big companies have a lot to deal with.

This is where RingCentral comes in. RingCentral offers several types of effective communications solutions that are designed to simplify different aspects of enterprise communications.

From internal communications tools to customer engagement, there is a RingCentral enterprise communication system that can help your growing organization.

Message, video, phone capabilities in one unified communications platform

RingEX is the RingEX of enterprise communication. This unified communications as a service (UCaaS) will serve as the backbone of your company that connects each location, office, department, and employee into a single platform. Unlike other providers with different apps for each team communication function, you can really access everything from an all-in-one application. With this setup, you’re able to streamline workflows and make collaboration easier with colleagues and clients.
What you’re getting:


Even with all the advancement in business communications, voice call is still king.  RingCentral takes advantage of the revolutionary telephony technologies of the last decade in VoIP and cloud PBX. No more conventional telephones that need copper cabling; now, everyone in your company can make and receive calls from anywhere. In addition, all incoming calls are managed by an advanced business phone system that includes an auto-attendant that automatically directs calls to the right department or extension.
Make voice calls and video calls from the same unified app


RingCentral Video provides your enterprise with a reliable and feature-rich video conferencing solution that is flexible enough to handle a simple one-on-one meeting to large group meetings. Aside from basic features like screen-sharing and meeting scheduling via Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, you also have advanced features like transcription and AI-based meeting summaries. Plus, RingCentral Rooms can help you convert any space to an advanced conference room that can instantly connect to any online meeting anytime.

Team messaging and collaboration tools

It’s not enough to have a  chat application to foster teamwork. The RingCentral App is a real-time team messaging software that encourages collaboration. Aside from  instant messaging, the RingCentral App includes team collaboration tools like file sharing and task management. The best part, the RingCentral mobile app is the main hub of RingEX. From the app that works for both iOS and Android mobile devices, you can also make and receive voice calls, start or join video meetings, and send/receive fax and SMS.
Foster teamwork and collaboration with RingCentral’s team messaging and collaboration features

Business SMS

An often neglected part of business communication tools, RingCentral includes a business SMS feature that allows your teams to send SMS using your business phone number. But more than that, through RingCentral’s programmatic SMS and MMS APIs, you can integrate text messaging into your business and marketing tools to send bulk SMS  or automated SMS notifications while ensuring regulatory compliance.


You would think that fax is a relic of the past, but if you are an enterprise that is subject to regulatory and compliance requirements, faxing could be an essential component of your business communications. To comply with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), doctors and hospitals use fax to send patient information. Other documents that government agencies require faxing include purchase orders, grant requests, and contracts. RingCentral provides a cost-effective, environment-friendly option with an email-like interface for better organization.

Cloud contact center communications solutions for better customer experience

With the demand for excellent customer experience at the forefront of every enterprise’s focus, RingCentral has different cloud contact center communications solutions designed to provide more flexible and intelligent customer engagement platforms compared to on-premise setups.
RingCentral Engage Digital
RingCentral offers your enterprise an omni-digital customer engagement platform that lets you interact with customers on their desired channel without shifting to different apps. With RingCentral Engage, agents are even allowed to elevate conversations from real-time chat or messaging to video calls for quicker resolution.
RingCentral Engage Digital lets you interact with customers on their channel of choice in one platform
What you are getting:
  • Omnichannel – Access messages from different channels, including email like Gmail and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, in one unified interface.
  • Intelligent routing – Route incoming messages to the right agent through AI.
  • Dara and reporting – Measure success and get insights to optimize customer experience via state-of-the-art analytics.

RingCentral Engage Voice

RingCentral provides you with an outbound call center solution that lets you step up your outreach campaigns.
RingCentral Engage Voice lets you choose from different dialing modes that suit your outbound campaign
What you are getting:
  • Auto-dialer – Remove the need for manual dialing and let your agents focus on engaging with prospects.
  • Script builder - Create and edit scripts and responses with an easy drag and drop interface. No coding necessary.
  • Call blending – Easily switch from outbound campaigns to inbound when needed.
  • TCPA compliance – Minimize the risk of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or the law protecting consumers from unwanted solicitation and telemarketing phone calls.

RingCentral Cloud Contact Center

RingCentral lets your enterprise provide more than just customer support but a seamless and excellent customer experience. This cloud-based contact center solution allows your business to provide outstanding service from anywhere, anytime.
RingCentral Cloud Contact Center smartly routes incoming calls to the right skilled agent
What you are getting:
  • Skills-based routing – Automatically answer incoming phone calls with an interactive voice response (IVR) feature that also routes calls to the right agent trained to handle the customer’s concern.
  • Workforce management software (WFM) – Optimize your agents’ work schedules to minimize downtime, avoid long call queues and hold times, and improve employee engagement.
  • Analytics -  Improve agent and operations performance via insights from real-time reports, monitoring, and in-depth surveys.

Global business communications solutions for international organizations

RingCentral aims to help your enterprise connect worldwide with global communications solutions. It includes a unified communications solution for operations outside the continental US, international phone numbers, and international calling plans.
What you can get:

Global RingEX

Streamline your business communications with Global RingEX, a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that connects all your locations globally in one platform. It serves over 40 countries with emergency services, regional calling minutes, multi-site management, device shipping, and more.
RingCentral helps your business operate worldwide with Global RingEX

International phone numbers

Help your team members simplify call routing for international customers. RingCentral allows you to get phone numbers from over 100 countries. You can even assign an international number to any extension or the auto-attendant feature, allowing you to automatically connect and route international customers to the right person or department.
RingCentral lets your business get an international phone number from over 100 countries.

International calling

For companies that do a lot of international calling, RingCentral has flexible international call bundles. Choose from different ‘minutes’ packages for international outbound calls, or you can also choose the convenient pay-as-you-go credits you can put towards outbound international calls.
Choose RingEX pricing plans that work for you

Communication APIs and Integration that lets you customize and streamline your workflows

Eliminate a lot of the app switching needed when you are working . RingCentral has integrations with the most popular business applications. If none of the integrations work for your business, there are APIs that you can use to integrate RingCentral into your apps and solutions.


RingCentral integrates tightly with the most used business platforms. We bring advanced communications functions into productivity apps like Microsoft Apps and G-Suite or Google Workplace, project management tools like Basecamp and Asana, and storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. Enjoy automation of sales cycles with top CRMs like Salesforce. Or you can enjoy advanced security while avoiding login fatigue with Single-sign-on apps like Okta.
RingCentral lets you communication functions to your favorite apps


Customize how you want to connect RingCentral into how your business works. With different types of APIs, there’s so much you can do to add more communication functionalities to the applications that you are using for your business.
RingCentral lets you add communication functions to your custom business apps via APIs
Some of the APIs available are:
  • Voice API
  • Video Meetings API
  • Team Messaging API
  • Meetings API
  • Communications data API
You can schedule a demo to get a feel of how any of these enterprise communications tools work, and we’ll be happy to coordinate and talk about the right plans and pricing for your business.