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Mar 22, 2021

As a RingCentral employee and executive sponsor of the RingCentral Pan-Asian Network (PAN), it’s important for me to say RingCentral strongly stands unified in solidarity with the Asian-American community and condemns the recent acts of hatred and violence. 

PAN’s mission is to advocate for diversity and inclusion of the Pan-Asian employee community, enriching the work culture and experience of our employees globally. It’s one of many ways our leadership embraces the incredible diversity of our community at RingCentral—and beyond.

As a company, it’s important we make sure that we live our values. There’s passion throughout our company to demonstrate our diversity and inclusiveness, and it comes from groups like the RingCentral Pan-Asian Network. It comes from our RingCentral family. 

Embracing employee leadership

At RingCentral, not only do we bring our whole selves to work, but we also bring the power of our united voices. In February 2021, RingCentral launched PAN with a clear mission:

  • Uplift the work of our diverse Pan-Asian employee community and their allies
  • Create more celebratory cultural engagements for employees
  • Fortify our networks and provide new leadership opportunities
  • Amplify the accomplishments and presence of our employees of Pan-Asian descent

With a spotlight now thrown on anti-Asian racism and crime, this past week we invited employees to gather for a #StopAsianHate support discussion. Sadly, we heard from many concerned employees about the numerous incidents of anti-Asian hatred and bigotry during the first few months of 2021.   

Change starts with awareness. Anti-Asian racism is a spotlight we choose not to ignore. We stand in solidarity with the Pan-Asian community. Hatred and violence against any community is hatred and violence against us all. – Anand Eswaran, President, RingCentral

As a member of the Asian-American community, I’ve been angered and saddened by what’s happening. It was no surprise to hear others in the RingCentral PAN group were very concerned as well. 

Among the RingCentral Pan-Asian Network, 77% are worried or very worried about their own safety or their family’s safety due to the recent rise in hate and crime against Asians.

We felt it was important to give employees a forum to communicate and share stories, discuss ideas for solving issues, and give each other support. It was great to have a strong turnout for our first #StopAsianHate support discussion with support from allies across the company. 

I want to be here to show my support. As a local Bay Area resident who grew up in San Francisco, the Asian community has always been a part of my life. I am here for the community as an ally.  -Marianna Levyash, Customer Advocacy Manager, RingCentral

Individual words of experience, support, and solidarity in driving awareness of #StopAsianHate can help us heal together. 

Uplifting our communities 

RingCentral employees want to take their support a step further. Through RCause, RingCentral’s signature Corporate Social Responsibility program, we’re focused on deepening our impact. This past week, we launched a fundraiser to benefit nonprofit organizations, such as StopAAPIHate, the Asian American Journalists Association, and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, with RingCentral matching donations dollar for dollar. 

Additionally, we’re offering opportunities for employees to volunteer their time with our Dollars for Doers program, where RingCentral donates an additional $10 directly to an employee’s charity for every hour that an employee volunteers. 

I’m proud to work for a company that stands up against hatred and violence and is committed to inclusiveness, equality, diversity, and support for one another and our communities. 

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