RingCentral Simplifies Hybrid Work: Thoughts from Enterprise Connect

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Apr 19, 2022

Recently, RingCentral participated in Enterprise Connect, an enterprise conference and expo that brings together those focused on issues central to enterprise communication and collaboration. Chief Marketing Officer Jaya Kumar, Chief Operating Officer Mo Katibeh, and I shared the stage for a keynote speech in which we shared and celebrated how RingCentral’s suite of products make hybrid work simple by offering unprecedented mobility across messaging, video, and our leading business phone system.

CMO Jaya Kumar kicked things off by highlighting how the pandemic disrupted the way many of us do our work and forced a pivot to hybrid work. Along with that shift arose new problems ranging from companies trying to make legacy systems work with the cloud to employees wanting their work tech to be as easy to use as their personal tech. As well, our customers sought to make things more simple and streamlined as they worked to grow and run their businesses amid the pandemic’s challenging conditions. Jaya introduced RingCentral’s solutions to these business problems: tech that is simple to set up, simple to run, and simple to manage. 

Taking the stage as Chief Innovation Officer, I expanded on these simple solutions that Jaya introduced. First, to make tech that is simple to set up, we enable what we call “radical mobility” that involves untethering employees so they can connect to their work from anywhere and however they wish. Such mobility requires making it simpler than ever to switch back and forth between devices and even from devices to group meetings or “rooms.” We view such radical flexibility and mobility as inclusive and essential to today’s work. 

Next, to illustrate how RingCentral facilitates tech that is simple to run, I shared how we are helping businesses to host smarter meetings in today’s hybrid environment. Tools like our whiteboard, collaborative notes, and enhanced companion mode for rooms alongside advanced meeting insights and AI-generated overviews and meeting summaries help to combat meeting fatigue and to improve feelings of inclusion. We also have added even more tools, like mobile to room transfer and voice commands within rooms, to make being in a virtual meeting feel as close to being in an in-person meeting as possible.

Finally, to introduce how RingCentral is helping companies to simplify managing their businesses, I introduced how we are reimagining webinars, offering a stress-free solution that makes setting up a webinar as easy as arranging a RingCentral video meeting. I also shared our offering of what we call “line of business analytics” to inform, empower, and help companies’ hybrid work strategies. This helps every team within a company to make better, faster, data-backed decisions.

Then, COO Mo Katibeh took the stage to share our vision for the future of work, highlighting three key elements: generational shift, low-latency paradigm, and technology convergence. With hybrid work here to stay, it is important to acknowledge how the generation beginning work now knows nothing different. For future generations, there will be no pre-pandemic “return to normal.” Rather, hybrid work is the new normal, and we need to support that with the best tools available.

Those tools include products that have a low-latency paradigm. Multi-gig fiber, 5G, and Edge Compute are some of the factors supportive of such low-latency. All of these factors converge to deliver effective end products that marry hardware, software, and service into single platforms like ours that are simple to use. 

In sum, at Enterprise Connect, it was all of our pleasure to share how RingCentral’s solutions are robust, intuitive, and designed to make business communications simple so that both customers and employees can thrive. That’s why we do what we do, and we plan more exciting innovations in the year ahead that will improve even more on the simplification of work for us all. 

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