According to MetricNet, agents account for more than two-thirds of all call center costs. Workforce optimization (WFO) helps your company make sure it’s getting full value from your agents by maximizing schedule efficiency, providing proper training and coaching, and identifying customer conversations of note. These increases in agent productivity—multiplied across your entire workforce—can add up to real savings for your business.

RingCentral offers a full suite
of workforce optimization solutions.

Performance management

With performance management, you can monitor the performance of your call center teams and individual agents. Our performance management synchronizes with training and evaluations to improve agent performance, as well as provide gamification activities to incent agents.


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Workforce management

Our Workforce Management tool uses your call history and statistical modeling to help you build optimized schedules to prevent overstaffing during slower times and understaffing during busier times. Adherence management helps you identify agents who are missing their schedule commitments.

Quality management

The Scoresheets tool makes it easy to give coaching and feedback to agents based on screen and voice recordings of actual customer interactions.

Speech analytics

A phonetics-based solution that quickly locates key words and phrases contained within call recordings to identify opportunities, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies across your organization.