Editorial Style Guide

Terminology A–Z

0 (zero) Spell out; don’t use the cardinal number. | See zeros; zeroes.

1–9 (cardinal numbers) Spell out numbers 1–9; use numerals for 10 and above. Numerals can be used in infographics, emails, and blog headings.

1st–9th (ordinal numbers) Do not use. Spell out: first, fifty-third.

24/7 Abbreviation of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

2FA Abbreviation of 2-factor authentication.

2-factor authentication Identification of users via two different methods (for example, a password and a unique code sent via SMS).

3D Abbreviation of three-dimensional. | See three-dimensional.

5 9s, 99.999%, five 9s For RingCentral MVP. Contact Center uses 99.99% (four 9s).

911 Emergency call number for the US/Canada. | See e911.

999 Emergency call number for the UK (and other nations).

A/B test Test with two variants that identifies changes that increase a desired outcome: an A/B test on the home page.

ACD Abbreviation of automated call distributor. Spell out on first use. | See automated call distributor.

adaptive design Interface or website design based on predefined screen or browser sizes. | See responsive design.

admin Abbreviation of administrator. Spell out when possible.

administer To manage and be responsible for a system.

administrate Do not use.

administrator One who manages or is responsible for a system.

advisor One who advises. RingCentral uses the “or” ending.

ahold Do not use. Preferred terms: get hold of, reach, contact.

all-inclusive Hyphenated before or after a noun.

a.m./p.m. Abbreviation of morning, afternoon: 1:00 a.m., 9:00 p.m.

answering rules Rules that determine how incoming calls are handled, based on user-defined criteria, such as time of day or caller ID information. | See call handling.

any place/anyplace Preferred term: anywhere.

any time/anytime (adj + n/adv) Adjective + noun: Pick it up at any time. Adverb: He’ll arrive anytime now.

API Abbreviation of application programming interface. Spell out on first use.

application programming interface Set of routines, protocols, and tools for creating applications. | See RESTful.

assurance Alleviation of doubt or fear.

assure/ensure/insure Assure: To alleviate doubt or fear, make safe. Ensure: To make certain that something will occur or be the case. Insure: To arrange for compensation in the event of damage, injury, or death.

audio conferencing


auto attendant Generic term for Auto-Receptionist. | See virtual receptionist.

automated call distributor Device or system that routes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals or agents based on various criteria. Add “(ACD)” on first use. | See ACD.

automatic call recording Ability to record calls automatically.

Auto-Receptionist RingCentral feature name for the automated menu that handles incoming calls. | See virtual receptionist.

B (billion) Abbreviation of billion: $5B in revenue. Spell out when possible.

BAA Abbreviation of business associate agreement. Spell out on first use. | See business associate agreement.

BAA Program Spell out on first use. See business associate agreement; RingCentral HIPAA BAA Program.

BA, BBA, BFA, BS Abbreviation of bachelor of: arts, business administration, fine arts, science.

back up/backup (v/adj, n) Verb: Back up your data. Adjective: backup disk. Noun: calling for backup.

banners Social banners don't have CTA buttons.

barge-in (n) When a supervisor interrupts a call and converses with both parties. | See monitoring; whisper coaching.

best-in-class (adj) Hyphenated, no hyphens (open) as a noun. Adjective: Our best-in-class systems win awards. Noun: Their team won best in class.

best-of-breed (adj) Hyphenated, open as a noun.

bridge number Preferred term: conference bridge. | See conference bridge.

bring your own device Add “(BYOD)” on first use.

built in/built-in (v+prep/adj) Verb: Built in the ’90s. Adjective: Built-in options.

business associate agreement Add “(BAA)” on first use. Use of this term requires approval of RingCentral’s legal department: legal@ringcentral.com. | See BAA.

Business SMS RingCentral’s text message feature: using Business SMS. | See short message service.

BYOD Abbreviation of bring your own device. Spell out on first use.

CAD Abbreviation of Canadian dollar. Use without the currency symbol (or in parentheses with it): 50 CAD, $50 (CAD).

callback (n) He asked for a callback.

call center Preferred term: contact center. Generic term for an office or location that provides a large volume of phone support or
service. | See contact center.

caller ID Caller identification: company name on the caller ID.

Call Flip RingCentral feature name for transferring an active call from one device to another.

call forwarding A phone feature that enables users to forward or redirect incoming calls to any alternate number.

call group Do not use. | See Ring Groups; shared line.

call handling The way incoming calls are dealt with. | See answering rules.

call-in Do not use.

call in to Phrasal verb with preposition: Call in to the meeting.

call into Do not use.

call logs

Call Me A RingCentral video meeting feature—an optional way to join audio for video meetings.

Call Out A RingCentral video meeting feature used to invite participants by calling them.

Call Park RingCentral feature name for placing a call on hold and retrieving it from another device.

Call Quality Tracker Signal strength indicator in the RingCentral mobile and desktop apps.

call reports, reporting

call screening Evaluating the characteristics of a phone call before deciding how or if to answer it.

call-to-action Make plural by adding “s” to “call”: calls-to-action. | See CTA.

Can. Abbreviation of Canada.

CapEx Abbreviation of capital expenditure: lower CapEx.

carrier-grade Don’t use. Use “enterprise-grade” instead.

Cdn Preferred term: CAD. | See CAD.

cellular Relating to a mobile telephone system. | See mobile.

Central time Preferred term that is valid year-round: 9:00 a.m. Central time. | See CT.

Channel Harmony™ Trademarked only in US, not UK or Canada.

channel partner/RingCentral Channel Partner

click to call/click-to-call (v+prep phrase/adj, n) Verb: Click to call a number. Adjective: The click-to-call feature. | See click to dial.

click to dial/click-to-dial (v+prep phrase/adj, n) Verb: Click to dial a number. Adjective: The click-to-dial feature. | See click to call.

cloud Remote servers that allow data to be uploaded to generate computing results without the need to store processed data in the cloud.


cloud communications Use communications with an “s.” Use the phrase “cloud communications and collaboration” when referring to RingCentral offerings.

CloudFax Do not use.

cloud host, cloud hosting

cloudify Do not use.

cloud PBX A PBX that’s hosted in a remote location. | See hosted PBX; virtual PBX.

Cloud Touch Platform Do not use.

Co. Abbreviation of (proper noun) Company: Widgets and Co.


communication(s) The exchange of information. Singular: an email communication, plural: written and verbal communications.

communications The means (such as telephone lines or computers) of sending and receiving information: RingCentral’s cloud communications system. | Mass noun—takes on a singular verb (integrated communications keeps your system running).

communications platform as a service (CPaaS)

comprise To consist of. Don’t use with “of”: Seas comprise many drops of water, not: Seas are comprised of many drops of water.

computer-telephony integration Any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. Add “(CTI)” on first use. | See CTI.

Conduit setting

conference Can be used as an adjective or a noun, not a verb: conference room, the yearly conference.

conference bridge Dial-in number used to initiate audio or video conferences.

contact center Office that provides a high volume of phone support or service. | See call center.

Corp. Abbreviation of (proper noun) Corporation: Widgetmakers Corp.

Corporate Directory


CRM Abbreviation of customer relationship management. Usually refers to software.


CT Abbreviation of Central time: 8:00 a.m. (CT), 9:00 a.m. (ET). | See Central time.

CTA Abbreviation of call-to-action. | See call-to-action.

CTI Abbreviation of computer telephony integration. Spell out on first use. | See computer-telephony integration.

customer-facing (adj) Hyphenated, open as a noun: The customer-facing report is now online. The style guide is not customer facing.

data center


daylight saving time One hour later than standard time. Note there’s no “s” at the end of “saving.” | See standard time.

dB Abbreviation of decibel: a dial tone is 65 dB.

DDoS Abbreviation of distributed denial-of-service. Computer attack aimed at making a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users: hackers launched a DDoS attack.

decibel Measurement of the intensity of a sound or signal level.

decision maker/decision making (n)

decision-maker/decision-making (adj)

deprecate (As used in programming) to become obsolete or be phased out: HTML 4 is deprecated.

depreciate To diminish in value over a period of time; phase out: The car’s value depreciated.

desk phone

desktop IP phone Generic term for VoIP desk phone.

dial-by-name directory

dial-in (adj and n) The dial-in number, noun: international dial-in.

dial in to (v) Dial in to the call.

dial into Do not use.

dialpad The softphone’s dialpad.

DID Abbreviation of direct inward dialing. Spell out on first use.

direct-dial (adj) A direct-dial number.

direct extension-dial Hyphenated when used with “direct.” | See extension dial.

direct inward dialing Ability to dial extensions directly from an outside number. Often used to refer to the direct phone numbers assigned to users. Add “(DID)” on first use.

directly dial Two words, no hyphen. | Adverb and verb: Directly dial a number.

directory assistance

directory listing Listing of telephone subscribers and businesses in a geographical area.


DRM Abbreviation of digital rights management.

dropdown Appearing below a menu and remaining until selected or dismissed. | See pull-down.

e911 Enhanced 911 services (where the operator can see the caller’s location and the locations of the nearest first responders). | See 911.

Eastern time Preferred term that is valid year-round: 8:00 a.m. Eastern time. | See ET.


edition Common noun: RingCentral MVP Ultimate edition.

eFax, e-fax Do not use. | See internet fax; online fax.

e.g., Preferred terms: for example, for instance. Is always followed by a comma.

electronic protected health information Spell out and add “(ePHI)” on first use. | See ePHI.

e-learning Use of electronic educational technology in learning and teaching.

Ellipsis icon Do not use to refer to the horizontal or vertical ellipsis icon. Use “More icon” instead.



end user/end-user (n/adj) Noun: The product was designed for the end user. Adjective: Check the end-user setting.

ensure See assure.


enterprise-class Hyphenated as an adjective.

enterprise-grade Hyphenated as an adjective.

EOB Abbreviation of end of business.

EOD Abbreviation of end of day.

ePHI Abbreviation of electronic health information. Spell out on first use.

ET Abbreviation of Eastern time: 8:00 a.m. (ET), 11:00 a.m. (PT). | See Eastern time.

ETA Abbreviation of estimated time of arrival.

etc. Abbreviation of etcetera.

ETD Abbreviation of estimated time of delivery.

Ethernet Proper name of computer networking technology used for local area networks.

EUR Abbreviation of European currency. Don’t use with currency symbol: 50 EUR, not: €50 EUR.


every day/everyday (adj + n/adj) Adjective + noun: I drive to work every day. Adjective: She did her everyday activities in the morning.

extension dial Dialing using short extensions instead of complete phone numbers.

failover A method of protecting computer systems from failure.


FaxOut RingCentral feature name for sending faxes from a RingCentral online account.

feature-rich Hyphenated as an adjective.

find me service Preferred term: call forwarding. | See call forwarding.

first-come, first-served Note the “d” in “served.”

five 9s, five 9’s Do not use.

follow me service Preferred term: call handling. | See call handling.

follow up/follow-up (v/adj, n) Verb: I’ll follow up with her later. Adjective: Let’s have a follow-up meeting. Noun: A follow-up to the first one.

FPO Abbreviation of for position only. Used to denote that the image or item is a placeholder.

GB Abbreviation of gigabyte: 500 GB hard drive.

GBP Abbreviation of Great Britain pound. Use without currency symbol: 50 GBP.

Gbps Abbreviation of gigabits per second. Used for data speeds: 5 Gbps download.

GHz Abbreviation of gigahertz: 1.7 GHz processor.

gigabyte 1,024 megabytes.

gigahertz 1 billion cycles per second.

Glip Do not use. Change to RingCentral Video. When referring to messaging, use team messaging. 

Glip Pro Do not use. Change to RingCentral Video Pro.

Glip Pro+ Do not use. Change to RingCentral Video Pro+.

Google Workspace Partner

GUI Abbreviation of graphical user interface.

Hamburger icon Do not use. Use “Menu icon” instead.

handset Part of a telephone that is held up to speak into and listen to (the receiver).

hard disk drive Electromechanical magnetic data storage device.

hard drive General term for data storage device—mechanical or solid state.

hardkey Physical button with a dedicated function: the volume hardkey.

hardphone Refers to a physical phone as opposed to a softphone.

hardware Physical equipment (usually referring to electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones).

HD Abbreviation of high-definition. | See high-definition.

HDD Abbreviation of hard disk drive.

HD voice Technology that provides a better audio quality in VoIP communications.

headquartered (v) Headquartered in the US.

headquarters (n) Singular and plural: Headquarters approves it.


head-up display Within a user interface, a window that appears and visually relays information. Note there’s no “s” at the end of “head.” Add “(HUD)” on first use. | See HUD.


high-definition Hyphenated as an adjective. | Higher resolution than standard definition. Preferred term: HD. | See HD.

High-Definition Voice Network

high-quality Hyphenated as an adjective.

high-resolution Hyphenated as an adjective.

high tech/high-tech Do not hyphenate unless it is used as an adjective in front of a noun: This phone is high tech; I work at a high-tech company.

high-value Hyphenated as an adjective.

HIPAA Abbreviation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. | See RingCentral HIPAA BAA Program.

HIPAA-compliant Only applies to customers enrolled in the RingCentral HIPAA BAA Program. No hyphen when used alone. Use of this term requires approval of RingCentral’s legal dept.: legal@ringcentral.com. | See RingCentral HIPAA BAA Program.


hosted PBX A PBX that’s hosted in a remote location. | See cloud PBX; virtual PBX.

hot desk/desking

hotkey Keyboard shortcut or key combination.

HUD Abbreviation of head-up display. Spell out on first use. | See head-up display.

i.e., Preferred terms: that is, in other words. Always followed by a comma.

IMAP Abbreviation of internet message access protocol. A protocol for retrieving e-mail messages. | See POP.

Inc. Abbreviation of (proper noun) Incorporated. RingCentral, Inc.

infographic Visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.

insure See assure.

Integrated Services for Digital Network Standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, and data over the public switched telephone network. | See ISDN.

interactive voice response Automated menu that responds to voice commands or touch-tone input. Add “(IVR)” on first use. | See IVR.

intercom Two-way call to a speakerphone (instead of ringing the phone): Her assistant’s voice was on the intercom, “Your guest is here.”

international virtual number Add “(IVN)” on first use. | See IVN.


internet-based Hyphenated as an adjective.

internet-enabled Hyphenated as an adjective.

internet fax Refers to the overall ability to fax via IP—not just for RingCentral Fax® editions. Used on the RingCentral website interchangeably with online fax. | See online fax.

internet protocol The method by which data is sent from one computer to another on the internet.

internet service provider A company that provides customers with Internet access. | See ISP.


IP Abbreviation of internet protocol.

IP PBX On-premises PBX that uses traditional telephony as well as IP technology.

irregardless Do not use; use regardless instead.

ISDN Abbreviation of Integrated Services for Digital Network. | See Integrated Services for Digital Network.

ISO Abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization.

ISP Abbreviation of internet service provider. | See internet service provider.

IT Abbreviation of information technology (add periods if in an all caps phrase).

its No apostrophe. Possessive pronoun: RingCentral loves its customers.

it’s Apostrophe. Contraction of it is: It’s time to go.

IVN Abbreviation of international virtual number. Spell out on first use. | See international virtual number.

IVR Abbreviation of interactive voice response. Spell out on first use. | See interactive voice response.

JD Abbreviation of juris doctor (law degree).

kabab icon/kebab icon Do no use. Refers to the horizontal or vertical ellipsis icon. Use “More icon” when referring to this.

K (thousand) Abbreviation of kilo/thousand: 300K customers. Spell out when possible.

KB Abbreviation of kilobyte: 100 KB file size. | See kilobyte.

Kbps Abbreviation of kilobits per second. Used for data speeds: 900 Kbps upload.

keypad, key pad Preferred term: dialpad. | See dialpad.

kHz Abbreviation of kilohertz: a 12 kHz frequency.

kick off (v) Kick off the event.

kickoff (adj, n) Adj: The kickoff meeting. Noun: When is the kickoff?

kilobyte 1,024 bytes. | See KB.

kilohertz 1,000 cycles per second.

know-how Knowledge or expertise: The technical know-how to develop an app.

LAN Abbreviation of local area network. | See local area network; wireless local area network.


lb., lbs. Abbreviation of pound, pounds.

LCD Abbreviation of liquid crystal display: LCD monitor, LCD screen.

LED Abbreviation of light-emitting diodes: LED light bulb, LED monitor.

lets/let’s No apostrophe: To not prevent or to allow to pass: The window lets light in. | Apostrophe: Contraction of let us: Let’s go to the store.

like Similar to but not the actual thing: SMS is like chat. | See such as.

local area network Preferred term: LAN. | See LAN; WLAN.

log in (v) Log in with your password.

login (adj, n) Your login name; using my login.

log in to (v) Log in to the account.

log into Do not use.

log on, logon, log onto Do not use.

long-distance Hyphenated as an adjective.

LP Abbreviation of (proper noun) Limited Partnership: Widgets and Bot LP. (Note: Check the company name to see if a comma precedes LP.)

Ltd. Abbreviation of (proper noun) Limited: Widgetmakers Ltd. Note: Check the company name to see if a comma precedes Ltd.

M (million) Abbreviation of million: $10M in sales. Spell out when possible.

MAC Abbreviation of media access control. | See media access control.

MA, MBA, MFA, MS Abbreviation of master of: arts, business administration, fine arts, science.

mark up (v) Mark up the document.

markup (adj, n) XML is markup language; She passed the markup on to Design.

master’s degree

matrices Plural of matrix: three matrices of call data.

MB Abbreviation of megabyte: 50 MB file size. | See megabyte.

Mbps Abbreviation of megabits per second. Used for data speeds: 100 Mbps download.

MD Abbreviation of doctor of medicine (medical degree).

MDB Abbreviation of database file format: the MDB file.

MVP Message Video Phone (also known as the RingCentral MVP product.)

meantime Noun that’s used with “in the”: In the meantime, they ate.

meanwhile Adverb: Meanwhile, the cat slept.

media access control A hardware address that uniquely identifies each node of a network. | See MAC.

MediaVault Service for RingCentral Contact Center

megabyte 1,024 kilobytes. | See MB.

megahertz 1 million cycles per second.

Menu icon Use when referring to the hamburger icon.


MHz Abbreviation of megahertz: 586 MHz processor.

mic Abbreviation of microphone. Preferred term: microphone.

midmarket (adj / n)

mid-sized Note the “d” ending: a mid-sized company.


misdial Verb or noun denoting the act of dialing a number incorrectly.

mobile Preferred term to describe a device that uses a cellular telephone system.

monitoring When a supervisor listens to a call (without interrupting). | See barge-in; whisper coaching.

More icon Use when referring to the horizontal or vertical ellipsis icon.

more than Used to describe quantities or numbers: more than a billion people. | See over.

Mountain time Preferred term that is valid year-round: 10:00 a.m. Mountain time.

moves/adds/changes Industry-specific term for relocations, installations, and upgrades. Use exact word order: They are performing moves/ adds/changes to the phone system.

MT Abbreviation of Mountain time: 8:00 a.m. (MT), 10:00 a.m. (ET).

multi- (prefix) Most multi- words are not hyphenated (exception: multi-level). Check Merriam-Webster’s.

multi-level IVR A multi-level interactive voice response menu. RingCentral sometimes refers to its Auto-Receptionist as a multi-level IVR, though it isn’t a true IVR system.

navigation bar Menu on a website that aids the user in navigating the site or page. Don’t abbreviate.

network operations center Add “(NOC)” on first use.

NOC Abbreviation of network operations center. Spell out on first use.

off-site (adj, adv)

okay Don’t abbreviate.

omnichannel The ability to communicate with customers across all touchpoints: voice, chat, email, social media, etc.


on-demand/on demand (adj/prep phrase) Adjective: Watch on-demand movies. Prepositional phrase: She watches movies on demand.

one-on-one Hyphenated as an adjective, adverb, and noun.

One to Infinity

on-hold/on hold (adj/prep phrase) Adjective: Listen to the on-hold music. Prepositional phrase: You can listen to the music while on hold.

online fax Refers to the overall ability to fax via IP—not just for RingCentral Fax® editions. Used on the RingCentral website interchangeably with internet fax. | See internet fax.

online meetings Preferred term: video meetings. | See web meetings.

on-premises Don’t use “on-prem”

on-screen/on screen (adj/prep phrase) Adjective: Her on-screen presence is hypnotizing. Prepositional phrase: He projected the meeting on screen.

on-site (adj/adv) Adjective: The on-site meeting was a huge success. Adverb: I need you to work on-site this Friday.

operating system Software that controls the operation of a computer and directs the processing of programs.

OpEx Abbreviation of operating expense: lower OpEx.

OS Abbreviation of operating system.

over Used to describe physical location, not quantities: over the fence. | See more than.

Pacific time Preferred term that is valid year-round: 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. | See PT.

paging One-way announcement to a desk phone or overhead device.

partner Channel partner, Connectivity partner.

partner portal/RingCentral Partner Portal

partner program/RingCentral Partner Program

PBX Abbreviation of private branch exchange.

PC Preferred terms: Windows operating system, Windows computer.

peer-to-peer Network in which computers can act as servers for the others without a central server.

percent One part in every 100. Okay to use percent symbol % or spell out; just be consistent within a piece.

PHI Abbreviation of protected health information. Spell out on first use. | See protected health information.

PIN Abbreviation of personal identification number. Use without the word “number”: your PIN, or: your PIN code.

play back/playback (v/adj, n) Do not use as a verb. Use play. Adjective: playback options. Noun: voicemail playback.

Plug & Ring® ready Describes telephony hardware that is preconfigured for use with RingCentral.

PoE Abbreviation of power over Ethernet. Spell out on first use.

POP Abbreviation of post office protocol. Protocol used by email applications. | See IMAP.

pop-up (n, adj) Noun: retail pop-up. Adjective: pop-up window.

power over Ethernet Add “(PoE)” on first use.

pre- (prefix) Usually not hyphenated. Check Merriam-Webster’s for the few exceptions.


presence Feature that enables users to see when others are on the phone.




PRI Abbreviation of primary rate interface. Spell out on first use.

primary rate interface Telecommunications interface standard typically used by medium to large enterprises with digital PBX systems. Add “(PRI)” on first use.

private park location

protected health information Legal term for any information about health or healthcare services that can be linked to a specific individual. Add “(PHI)” on first use. | See PHI.

PSTN Abbreviation of public switched telephone network.

PT Abbreviation of Pacific time: 8:00 a.m. (PT), 11:00 a.m. (ET). | See Pacific time.

public switched telephone network Hardwired system over which landline calls are made.

pull-down Appearing below a menu only while the menu is selected. | See dropdown.

QM Abbreviation of quality management. Spell out on first use.

QoS Abbreviation of quality of service. Spell out on first use.

quality management Method for ensuring quality services or products that encompass quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. Add “(QM)” on first use.

quality of service Add “(QoS)” on first use.

QuickStart Special use for RingCentral QuickStart guides only.

RAM Abbreviation of random-access memory.

R&D Abbreviation of research and development.

random-access memory Volatile, short-term data storage.

RC Do not use as an abbreviation for RingCentral in any outward-facing communications or collateral.

Recommended for Google Workspace

reseller Do not use. Replace with “agent.”

responsive design Interface or website design that fluidly responds to screen or browser sizes. | See adaptive design.

RESTful Describes APIs that comply with the REST architecture: RingCentral’s RESTful APIs. | See API.

RFID Abbreviation of radio frequency identification.

RingCentral® Do not use in the possessive unless speaking about the company.

RingCentral Call Controller™

RingCentral app The software used to access RingCentral MVP services. When used in a sentence, include “the” before “RingCentral app.” Only capitalize “app” when the words are title cased.

RingCentral Archiver

RingCentral Contact Center™

RingCentral Contact Center: Powered by inContact Do not use. | If necessary to mention inContact, don’t use it as part of the product name: RingCentral Contact Center is powered by inContact, or: this product is powered by inContact.

RingCentral Conferencing

RingCentral Connect Platform™

RingCentral Engage Digital™

RingCentral Engage Voice™

RingCentral for Desktop Do not use Preferred terms: RingCentral desktop app or the RingCentral app for desktop. RingCentral for Desktop may be referring to a deprecated product in old documents. Check that the product name and specifications are up to date when updating collateral.

RingCentral for Developers

RingCentral® for Google

RingCentral® for Google Chrome Extension

RingCentral® for Google for Work [Google for Work is now Google Cloud] 10.16

RingCentral for Mac Deprecated. Preferred term: RingCentral Phone™ for desktop or the RingCentral Phone™ desktop app.

RingCentral® for Microsoft Dynamics 365

RingCentral® for Microsoft 365 On first mention; RingCentral for Microsoft 365 after that.

RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud

RingCentral® for Salesforce On first mention; RingCentral for Salesforce after that.

RingCentral® for Skype for Business

RingCentral for Windows Do not use Deprecated.

RingCentral® for Zendesk On first mention; RingCentral for Zendesk after that.

RingCentral Glip™ Do not use. Change to RingCentral Video.

RingCentral Global Office™ Do not use. Change to RingCentral Global MVP.

RingCentral Global MVP™

RingCentral HIPAA BAA Program “BAA Program” on second mention. A program in which RingCentral implements HIPAA-specified data safeguards and executes a business associate agreement with the customer. Use of this term requires approval of RingCentral’s legal dept.: legal@ringcentral.com.

RingCentral HIPAA setting Account setting that allows the customer to use RingCentral’s service without impacting its HIPAA compliance. Use of this term requires approval of RingCentral’s legal dept.: legal@ringcentral.com.

RingCentral, Inc. The name of the company.

RingCentral Live Reports

RingCentral Messaging™ UK feature that enables text messaging within a customer’s RingCentral MVP phone system. It is not full-fledged SMS text messaging.

RingCentral Mobile Do not use Preferred terms: RingCentral mobile app or RingCentral app for mobile. RingCentral Mobile may be referring to a deprecated product in old documents. Check that the product name and specifications are up to date when updating collateral.

RingCentral MVP™ RingCentral’s UCaaS platform that includes team messaging, video meetings, and phone. MVP is short for Message Video Phone. Use the term “Video” with a capital V when referring to the video meetings feature within RingCentral MVP.

RingCentral Office® Do not use. Change to RingCentral MVP.

RingCentral Phone™ Only available for desktop. The RingCentral mobile app replaces the RingCentral Phone mobile app.

RingCentral Professional® Call management product only for inbound calls.

  • RingCentral Professional® Pro edition
  • RingCentral Professional® ProPlus edition
  • RingCentral Professional® ProPower edition

RingCentral Professional Services™

Ring Groups RingCentral feature that routes incoming calls to a predefined group of extensions or phones (similar to hunt groups on legacy PBX systems). With Ring Groups, each DID or extension is separate (unlike with a shared line). | See shared line.

RingCentral Room Connector™

RingCentral Rooms™

RingCentral Unified Client

RingCentral Video® RingCentral’s freemium video and team messaging offering that includes RingCentral Video Pro and RingCentral Video Pro+. When referring to messaging, use team messaging. The ® symbol only applies to the US. Use the ™ symbol for all other countries.

RingCentral Video Pro Free version of RingCentral Video.

RingCentral Video Pro+ Paid version of RingCentral Video.

RingMe® A phone feature: code that you can embed in your email signature, for example, so when people click on the phone number, it will dial to your phone directly.

RingOut® Phone feature used when VoIP service is not available. When you make a call, it will ring to your mobile first to utilize your carrier service to make calls.

RJ45 Type of Ethernet data cable.

roadmap Schedule as part of a lengthy or complex program.

ROI Abbreviation of return on investment.

RSVP Abbreviation of répondez s’il vous plaît; to respond to an invitation. Use without “please”: RSVP by Friday.

SaaS Abbreviation of software as a service. | See software as a service.

Safe Driving Mode A mode within the RingCentral mobile app that disables video, transmits audio via the speakerphone, and mutes the microphone.

sales force Do not use. Preferred terms: sales team, sales staff, sales department.

SAML Abbreviation of security assertion markup language, spell out on first use.

screen pop Automatic display of caller and account information on a call center agent’s screen during a call.

screen share

screen sharing

SDK Abbreviation of software development kit. | See software development kit.

search-engine marketing Add “(SEM)” on first use. A form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.

search-engine optimization Add “(SEO)” on first use. The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

security assertion markup language Add “(SAML)” on first use.

SEM Abbreviation of search-engine marketing. Spell out on first use.

SEO Abbreviation of search-engine optimization. Spell out on first use.

services Do not use to refer to RingCentral communications (services).

session initiation protocol Preferred term: SIP. | See SIP.

set up/setup (v/adj, n) Verb: Set up your email account. Adjective: Your setup options are listed here. Noun: That was an easy setup.

shared line Phone number that is used on two or more IP phones. | See Ring Groups.

short message service Preferred term: SMS. | See SMS.

sign up / sign-up (v/adj, n) Verv: Sign up to receive a free toaster. Noun: New sign-ups are being accepted. Adj: Please see the sign-up sheet.


Single Sign-on

SIP Abbreviation for session initiation protocol.

SIP-trunking A VoIP and streaming media service based on the SIP by which Internet telephony service providers deliver telephone services and unified communications (UC) to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange and UC facilities. Pronounced “sip”—takes the article a: a SIP device | See session initiation protocol.


SMB Abbreviation of small and medium businesses.

SMS Abbreviation of short message service. | See Business SMS; short message service.

softkey Button whose function changes contextually (usually appearing on a display above or next to a physical button).

softphone Generic term for the phone feature in RingCentral software.

software as a service Preferred term: SaaS. | See SaaS.

software development kit Set of tools that enables development of applications for a certain platform. | See SDK.

solid-state drive Data storage device without moving, mechanical parts. | See SSD.

solution engineer Solution Engineering team

speakerphone One word. Telephone with a loudspeaker and microphone that allows it to be used without the handset.

speech analytics Analyzing and categorizing recorded phone conversations in a call center environment to extract critical business intelligence.

SSAE 16 Standards that service auditors use to assess the internal controls of a service organization. SaaS companies, such as RingCentral, are subject to these standards.

SSD Abbreviation of solid-state drive. | See solid-state drive.


standard time Unadjusted time observed across the entire US. | See daylight saving time.

start up/startup (v/adj, n) Verb: Start up your car. Adjective: The startup process can be long. Noun: She launched a startup in Fremont.

such as Used to list specific examples. Precede with a comma when the examples are used nonrestrictively (not restricted to the meaning of the sentence): Some words, such as matutinal and onomatopoetic, are best avoided in everyday speech. | See like.

sync Abbreviation of synchronize or synchronization: Messages sync across devices.

sync’d Not a word. Do not use.

synced, syncing

sync up/synced-up Do not use. Use sync.

tagline Catchphrase or slogan, usually in advertising.

TB Abbreviation of terabyte: 3 TB hard drive. | See terabyte.

Tbps Abbreviation of terabits per second. Used for data speeds: 10 Tbps download.

TCO Abbreviation of total cost of ownership. Spell out on first use. | See total cost of ownership.

TCP/IP Abbreviation of transmission control protocol/internet protocol.

telecom Another word for telecommunications.


telepresence Not used to describe RingCentral’s video conferencing feature.

terabyte 1,024 gigabytes. | See TB.

text-to-speech Technology that translates voice to text or vice versa.

TF Do not use as an abbreviation for toll-free.

third-party/third party (adj/n) Of or relating to a third party: third-party trademark; at the request of the third party.

three-dimensional See 3D.

Tier 1

time frame


time zone See daylight saving time; standard time.


total cost of ownership Spell out on first use and add “(TCO)” on first use. | See TCO.



trade show

UC Abbreviation of unified communications.

UCaaS Abbreviation of unified communications as a service.

UI Abbreviation of user interface.

UK Abbreviation of United Kingdom.

unified communications

unified communications as a service Preferred term: UCaaS.


up front/up-front (prep phrase/adj) Prepositional phrase: I need to know up front if you can make it. Adjective: There are no hidden up-front costs.

up market Prepositional phrase: moving up market Hyphenated as adjective: up-market segments.


URL Abbreviation of uniform resource locator.

US Abbreviation of United States. Add periods if used in an all caps phrase.

USB Abbreviation of universal serial bus.

USD Abbreviation of US dollar. Use without the currency symbol (or in parentheses with it): 50 USD, $50 (USD).

user-centered Hyphenated as an adjective.

user-friendly Hyphenated as an adjective.

UX Abbreviation of user experience.

vanity number Toll-free telephone number that spells a word or phrase: dial 1-900-MIX-A-LOT.

versus abbreviated vs.

video conferencing Preferred term: video meetings.

video meetings Preferred generic term for RingCentral’s video capabilities.

virtual PBX A PBX with limited functionality that’s hosted in a remote location. Often used interchangeably with cloud PBX and hosted PBX. | See cloud PBX; hosted PBX.

virtual private network Virtual point-to-point connection.

virtual receptionist Generic term for Auto-Receptionist. Use instead of e-receptionist (deprecated). | See auto attendant; Auto-Receptionist.

visual voicemail A voicemail inbox presented in a visual interface.


Voicemail Preview RingCentral feature that transcribes the first 60 seconds of a voicemail message into text. | See voicemail-to-text.

voicemail-to-email RingCentral feature that sends voicemail messages and faxes as attachments to email messages.

voicemail-to-text Generic term for transcription of voicemail messages into text. | See Voicemail Preview.

voice over internet protocol Preferred term: VoIP.

voice over IP Preferred term: VoIP.

VoIP Abbreviation of voice over internet protocol.

VPN Abbreviation of virtual private network.

vs Abbreviation of versus. No period.

web (adj, n) Adjective: web browser. Noun: Surf the web.

webcast A presentation streamed to multiple users. Questions can be emailed or sent via IM to the presenter. RingCentral’s “webinars” more closely resemble webcasts. Enclose titles of webcasts in quotation marks.


webinar Live and interactive online meeting streamed to multiple users. RingCentral’s “webinars” more closely resemble webcasts. Enclose titles of webinars in quotation marks.

web meetings Preferred term: video meetings.

web page


WEP Abbreviation of wired equivalent privacy, a type of wireless networking security.

Westcon Group Phone provider.

WFA Abbreviation of work from anywhere.

WFH Abbreviation of work from home.

WFM Abbreviation of workforce management. Spell out on first use. | See workforce management.

whisper coaching When a call center supervisor joins a call and provides information and coaching that only the agent can hear. | See barge-in; monitoring.

white-list/white list (v, n) Verb: ask IT to white-list your domain. Noun: an email white list.

white paper Titles of white papers should be italicized when possible (not possible on web page right sidebar, however).

Wi-Fi Trademarked term for wireless LAN.

wireless local area network Preferred term: WLAN.

WLAN Abbreviation of wireless local area network.


work stream

workforce management (Specifically for call centers) having the right number of agents to handle the forecasted call volume. Add “(WFM)” on first use. | See WFM.

world-class Hyphenated as an adjective. Title cased: World-Class.

Work Together. From Anywhere. Current brand tagline for RingCentral.

WPA Abbreviation of Wi-Fi protected access, a type of wireless networking security.

WPA2 Abbreviation of Wi-Fi protected access 2, a type of wireless networking security.

Yahoo! “Yahoo” on second mention. Internet company.

year over year (n), year-over-year (adj), abbreviated YoY.

zeroes Present-tense verb: The hawk zeroes in on the rat.

zeros Plural noun: One trillion has lots of zeros.

ZIP (Code) Abbreviation of zone improvement plan (US postal code): city, state, ZIP. Capitalize “Code.” It is a proper noun and trademark of the USPS.