Help members get the most out of their plans
Put member engagement first by organizing all your conversations in one place.
A smiling woman is sitting in front of the computer with headphones
A smiling woman is sitting in front of the computer with headphones
Healthcare payers everywhere are creating better experiences with RingCentral

Make enrollment easy

Onboard new members in no time and create a more efficient experience through multichannel support.

Add new members easily

Increase conversions by routing new member inquiry calls to the right person every time.

Decrease wait times

Support your team by quickly adding contact center seats during heavy seasonal program enrollments.

Give your members the right plan

Use skills-based routing to help members enroll in the programs that are right for them.


Fast track care when members need it most

Improve health outcomes by intervening at the right time and helping members understand coverage and treatment options.

Resolve cases in real time

Collaborate on denials, dual-coverage disputes, and other cases with instant and secure team messaging.

Monitor provider coverage inquiries

Use call analytics reporting to spot any potential provider contract adherence issues and to improve provider education.

Meet face-to-face from 1,000 miles away

Organize virtual video meetings to review fast-moving regulatory updates and keep staff on the same page.


Hello better relationships, goodbye churn

Improve claims adjudication and reimbursement cycles through dedicated contact center features.

Offer personalized support

Create familiarity and simplify claim reviews with same-agent call handling.

Make members feel like VIPs

Do away with call queue frustration by setting up routing rules for VIP group plan clients.

Speed up the claims process

Help members save time by giving them self-service options for routine claim status inquiries.


Connect your development teams, for free

We’re here to help you stay productive with free team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone.


Keep member data safe and secure

We know your top priority is making sure your members’ data is always kept safe and secure. That’s why we’ve built our solutions on the most trusted communications platform.

Keep member data safe and secure

Bring along your favorite apps


Monitor risk with AI

Use AI to detect risks within recorded engagements across phone, video, and chat content.



Collaborate in Salesforce

Text message, schedule video meetings, or place phone calls all from within Salesforce.



Deliver personalized service

Integrate and present member data-enriched screen pops to service agents.


“RingCentral makes it easy for our teams to work together, no matter where work finds them.”

Bryan Tonne, Director of Business Technology, VGM Group
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