RingCentral Team
May 17, 2011

Work Space Solutions for Small Business

coworkingspaceThis is the second part of our blog series on choosing the best office space for your small business.

For many small business owners, finding a workspace can be an ordeal. Balancing the need for professionalism and productivity with budget constraints can leave many working from multiple locations.

In some areas, buying or renting office space is prohibitively costly. Yet the home-office model is not right for everyone, either. Fortunately, there are more workspace options now than ever before. Choosing the right one for your business begins with evaluating your needs and preferences. Here are some ideas to consider:

Co-Working Space
Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular over the last several years – particularly with small business owners who can benefit from the support and collaboration of a co-working community. Less expensive than a traditional office space, yet more professional than working from a spare bedroom, co-working spaces offer a place to go to create a routine for your workday, as well as a support system that you can use as a referral source and knowledge center.

Before deciding on any co-working space, it’s a good idea to check out the work style of those sharing the space. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the environment is conducive to your productivity. You’ll want to ask questions about the type of work others are doing there so you know what to expect.

Virtual Offices
Virtual offices have sprung up in many locations to provide business owners with a cost-effective alternative to renting traditional office space. Many virtual offices are located in centrally located commercial buildings and offer a set number of days each month in a private, fully furnished office that includes phone and internet service, as well as a business address for receiving mail. Some also include conference room space, photocopying and printing services, kitchen privileges and a receptionist.

Like with a co-working space, you’ll want to visit a virtual office before making any long-term commitment. Some virtual office providers give discounts for year-long agreements, while others give you the flexibility of being able to rent the space on a month-to-month basis.

Office Sharing
Another viable option is renting an office with a friend or colleague who can help share the expense. This is often the solution for those who are in the same field or who already feel comfortable working together. Before deciding on this option, it’s important to consider scheduling, what equipment and furnishings will be shared and the length of time that both parties are willing to commit to the space.
Whether you decide to invest in an outside office space or prefer the comfort and affordability of working from home, a cloud-based business professional phone system can be scaled to meet your needs as your business grows. In this new world of work, you can be creative with your office space solutions, and RingCentral is there to help!