RingCentral Technical Team
December 7, 2011

Using Multi-Level Extensions

While multi-level extensions cannot be incorporated directly into your RingCentral account, there is a way for you to set up your account so your extensions and departments make it seem as though you have a multi-level phone tree. The trick is in recording a customized company or introductory greeting.

The sample company structure is illustrated in the diagram.

RingCentral Multilevel Extension

To set up your business phone system like this one, start by creating two departments (Sales and Finance, in this case) and five employee extensions. Then set up the departments to indicate the corresponding employee extensions/agents. Finally, record a company greeting that lists to the caller the numbers of the available departments (e.g., Sales: 100; Finance: 200). Or simply use your Dial-By-Name Directory to announce only the departments and their numbers. Look simple enough?

RingCentral Multilevel Extension


What if you had to incorporate sub-departments instead? For example, West Coast (110) and East Coast (120) departments under Sales, as above. In that case, you may need to create Sales as an extension (e.g. 100) and its sub-departments West Coast and East Coast as the departments (along with Finance). Again, the trick would be to customize the introductory greeting of extension 100 (e.g. Sales) to list off to the caller the available sub-departments – i.e., 110 and 120. The added trick was in creating the main department (Sales, 100) as an extension.