RingCentral Team
October 30, 2014

Tips For Small Business Owners (Part 2)

seoIn Part 1 of our Tips for Small Business Owners we talked about different techniques to stay organized and on top of your work. That was just some of the vast information to be gained from the San Francisco Small Business Expo. Timothy Smith, of Marketure, gave some very helpful lessons for small business owners to increase help increase their online presence, SEO and marketing visibility. Here are some tips and techniques we took away from this year’s Expo event:

Search engine visibility is incredibly important for small business owners everywhere. In fact, 85% of consumers use the internet to look for local businesses. Make sure that your you have good SEO and your business is searchable. This will actually put you ahead of the competition.

In reality, 56% of small to medium sized businesses have no keyword information for search engine discovery. Localized businesses must utilize localized keywords. Keyword density is also always important. The more times your business shows up in a search, the better off your search engine results and ratings will be and the more likely you will be to attract customers. The customers that you cater to the most will hopefully become influencers and help you increase online marketing through word of mouth and social posts.

It is important to assess what the purpose of your website is. Smith refers to this as the “call of action”. For example, if you are a restaurant and your goal is to have hungry customers call and order food, you should have your phone number on every page of your website in large font. Actually, 60% of small to medium businesses have no phone number on their website whatsoever. This automatically loses potential customers.

Even more astonishing is that 74% of small to medium businesses have no E-mail address on their website—another important means of contact for those who are thinking about buying your product or service. The ability to easily contact you could be the difference between profit and loss for your business.

A solution to this is to determine what actions you want your customers to take and cater your website to this mission. Give the visitors an idea of what you want them to do by posting commands such as “Call us now” or “E-mail us for more information”. Don’t over complicate things and don’t make it confusing.

Lastly, it is important to create urgency and then communicate value. For example, “Special today for new customers” creates urgency and makes the potential customer more likely to buy on the spot. Put this message right where potential clients can see it. Then have another “About” page to show your customers what you are selling, why it is important and how it will enhance their lives for the better.

What marketing tips do you have for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business? Share with us in the comments below.