RingCentral Team
December 6, 2012
Employee experience

Text Messaging Has Huge Business Potential

With the 20th birthday of SMS recently past, it’s time to reflect on the history of texting and its profound impact on our lives — and also examine why after 20 years, texting hasn’t reached its full potential for business communications.

Neil Papworth, a software programmer in the UK, sent the first SMS on December. 3, 1992, said a recent story in The Guardian. The text was a simple “Merry Christmas” that he sent from his PC to Vodafone’s Richard Jarvis’ cell phone.

Today, eight trillion text messages are sent worldwide every year — that’s 15 million texts every minute. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 25, you’re sending 133 texts a week. If you’re under 18, you text more than you email.

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