In Conversation with Alan Lepofsky of Constellation Research on the Future of Workplace Collaboration
Here at RingCentral, we are busy with the final preparations for our annual conference, ConnectCentral 2018. At the event this year, we look forward to great discussions on how to harness the power of cloud communications and collaboration technology to unite people, ideas, and businesses globally. As we’ve built our narrative, agenda, and content for the conference, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with the industry’s leading voices on the future of work. It’s in this context that I recently sat down with Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, who will be speaking at ConnectCentral  on Wednesday, November

In recent years, substantial effort has been dedicated to the task of creating simple and delightful digital experiences. The results speak for themselves, as social channels and applications have become central to nearly every facet of a customer’s daily experience. This has led to a dynamic shift in how customers interact with brands globally, creating a new expectation for world-class interactions. Customers now expect to communicate with brands in real-time through their channel of choice. If they don’t receive the desired response in a timely manner, chances are, they will quickly abandon the brand and switch to a competitor. To put it simply, customers

Cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions offer obvious benefits when compared to traditional on-premises PBX systems, including increased reliability, unsurpassed scalability, and overall cost-effectiveness. And while cloud technologies can drastically reduce management and implementation complexity, the transition from legacy PBX to cloud may still keep the teams tasked with managing these solutions up at night. This is where a professional services team delivers both expertise and peace of mind. I recently sat down with RingCentral’s Derrell James, SVP of Global Services and Solutions, to better understand the strategies necessary to ensure customer success in a cloud implementation. First off, why is it important to ensure a successful cloud implementation?

Few inventions proved to be as revolutionary as the telephone 142 years ago. It forever changed the way we work and live, setting the foundation for our connected world. Today, we are on the precipice of another revolution in communications. In the digital workplace, developers can directly impact how businesses operate and how information gets shared and disseminated. With the cloud and open platforms, they can rethink how information flows between applications and endpoints, which can have a dramatic impact on how employees respond and companies compete. For developers who love to solve problems and leave their mark, there’s a tremendous opportunity to reimagine the communications experience for a


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