On day two of ConnectCentral 2018, IT leaders explored the impact of technology on employee and customer engagement. It was clear throughout breakout sessions and main stage presentations that when businesses invest in great employee experiences, they drive better customer experiences, and vice versa. Four key insights stood out today: Technology is a crucial element of exceptional employee experiences Bestselling author and futurist Jacob Morgan shared how companies have a misplaced focus on lavish perks and benefits instead of culture,

As knowledge workers, we have dramatically more apps today than ever before. But research shows that—although these disparate workplace apps are intended to improve productivity—they often have the opposite effect. The sheer quantity of apps we use on a daily basis creates a fragmented, disconnected experience, resulting in communications chaos instead of seamless workflows. A new era of work, powered by the need to more easily collaborate, is emerging today. Our employers must allow us to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way we want on any device, anytime, anywhere. And we saw this take shape yesterday at the first day of

It’s no secret that San Francisco is a hub of innovation. But the City by the Bay is also home to dramatic vistas, an eclectic group of communities, and some of the finest restaurants, craft cocktail bars, and wineries in the world. These all combine to create memorable experiences for locals and visitors alike any time of year. This week, ConnectCentral 2018 attendees will descend on the city for three days of inspiration, learning, and networking at the industry’s premier cloud communications conference. We realize you probably don’t have much time to map out a list of places to visit while you’re

If we’ve learned anything from the many industries—and companies—that have been disrupted by the internet during the past 20 years, it’s confirmation that change is the only constant. And while some of those disruptions have taken place quite drastically on the public stage (we’re looking at you, music industry), they also sometimes take place a bit more quietly—although the ramifications are no less dramatic. Such a disruption is currently taking place in communications, and it’s about to have broad implications on how we all work. What began as the migration of telephony to the cloud has now evolved into a full-fledged “new era of work,” with cloud


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