More and more we are seeing that enterprises are asking for a more consultative approach to help them achieve maximum ROI from their business communications services. We understand the pain points that enterprises experience, and are here to help them discover resolutions and approaches to ensure their implementation and ongoing management is successful. I am very excited to share with you that we now offer an Extended Enterprise Support Program for our Professional Services customers. The program is designed for IT organizations who need a more mentored service approach that ties directly to business performance.  This provides enterprises with premium support services and a dedicated technical account

The holiday season is here. For many people, it’s their favorite time of year, full of celebrations with friends and family. But running a business can be particularly challenging during the holiday season. Employees taking time off spreads teams thin. At the same time, the holiday shopping rush creates a busy season for businesses of all kinds. RingCentral can help you navigate these challenges so that your business can thrive during the holiday season. One of the biggest challenges during the busy holiday season is simply making sure your phones are covered. RingCentral’s answering rules and call forwarding options give you flexible tools to manage incoming calls and

To better serve our multinational enterprise customers, we launched RingCentral Global Office earlier this year, and we’ve seen great traction to date. Nearly 400 multinational enterprises are now using Global Office, which is more than double the number of customers from the first half of 2016. In addition, Global Office is now available in a total of 30 countries, up from 14 in the first half of the year. A single cloud solution that streamlines communications across geographies, Global Office meets the demands of an increasingly distributed and globalized workforce. The solution is available across countries in North America, Europe, and Asia

At Open Mortgage, we work hard to empower the dream of homeownership for everyone, from young people purchasing their first home to seniors enhancing their retirement strategies with a reverse mortgage. This diverse customer base means it’s necessary to support a variety of ways to interact with customers. Those who prefer digital transactions can use our website that lets them do much of the mortgage process online. For customers who would rather work with a Loan Originator (LO) more closely, we have physical offices with LOs around the country. The need to be all things technical to all people drives much of what I do in IT, including how


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