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Expert View: What to Expect in Customer Care for 2020
The new tendency is to use messaging for customer care, as customers expect to contact companies just like they would with friends and family; they expect businesses to be available on their channels of choice. They are also increasingly aware of the technologies of tomorrow; therefore, the expectations for contact centers have to anticipate the […]
Patient Access Centers Elevate the Patient Experience
Andrea is recovering from a broken arm. She’s trying to schedule a follow-up appointment with her orthopedist within a large orthopedic practice. This practice utilizes legacy approaches to patient scheduling and has all incoming patient calls route to general reception without utilizing tools like auto-attendants, IVR patient prompts, or patient scheduling call routing and queues. […]
Never Be Too Busy to Answer that Shopper Call
Consumers have run out of patience. We’re living in a time when more than half (53%) of consumers expect a response from a company within an hour of posing a question online, but most corporations still aren’t equipped to answer customer queries in this time frame. And it’s not just your company’s ability to answer […]