Do you have a unique story or experience to share? Does your work greatly impact your business or the lives of your customers? Are you passionate about the work you do and want to help others have an impact on their businesses? At ConnectCentral 2018, the premier cloud communications and collaboration event, we’re proud to offer two opportunities to share your story. Become an individual presenter or panel speaker.The power of cloud communications and collaboration technology is its ability to unite people, ideas, and businesses in ways we never thought possible. Of course, each company’s story is unique. This year, we’re looking for presentations about your success with the

For small-business owners concerned about communications costs, we’ll get straight to the point. You can improve call quality and save 68 percent over two years by using a virtual PBX system. Upfront costs: Traditional vs. virtual PBX systemIn upfront costs alone, the savings are staggering. For a business with 20 users, when you add up hardware ($6,500), setup and implementation ($1,000), phone costs ($3,000), and software licenses ($4,000), an on-premises PBX system will set you back as much as $14,500. With a virtual system, you only have to pay a one-time phone cost of approximately $2,000.Approximate total upfront cost savings: $12,500.On-premises hardware for PBX system

Traditionally, the role of the agent in the contact center has been vital yet costly. To address these cost concerns, many companies—often challenged with legacy systems—tried to automate customer service experiences with IVR (interactive voice response). Unfortunately, though IVR technologies cut costs up front, they ultimately frustrate users because IVRs cannot replace that human touch, leaving callers lost in menus and unable to find answers.More recently, however, artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived, with the potential to redefine a new customer service experience that delivers seamless high-value interactions with an intelligent system that solves issues faster and more accurately than ever before.  RingCentral’s announcement last

The great contradiction of the digital age is that, despite the promise of new technologies to build greater connection, a case could be made that the more knowledge workers embrace them, the more disconnected they become.Industry research bears this out: With each new communications device and collaboration app companies adopt, fragmentation and friction actually increase in the workplace, stifling productivity and adding more standards for IT to support.A recent RingCentral and CITE Research workplace survey noted that using multiple communications apps at work has a major negative impact on concentration and rhythm, which ultimately breaks down connections and hampers productivity. Fifty-six


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