Until recently, high definition (HD) voice support was only available for RingCentral Office Premium and Enterprise customers; however, today we are excited to announce that HD voice is now supported for all RingCentral Office customers, including RingCentral Office Standard and RingCentral Professional users. With this latest news, businesses of all sizes can rest assured that we are committed to guaranteeing the best measures of call quality for all of our customers. At RingCentral, we understand that call quality is one of the single most important factors in choosing a voice provider, which is why we are committed to offering our best-in-class

RingCentral is excited to announce that multi-level IVR is now available and included free for all RingCentral Office customers. Multi-level IVR provides businesses with more powerful options for inbound call routing. It is a further expansion of our robust Auto-Receptionist capabilities, designed to scale and meet the needs of larger businesses. At RingCentral, we view multi-Level IVR as table stakes and a truly powerful tool that affords system administrators the flexibility to create structured, multiple-layer phone routing menus that efficiently connect callers to individuals, call queues, or locations within an organization. It is ideal for companies with complex call routing needs, enabling phone routing management across multiple office locations

Why voice, video, messaging, and collaboration are better together. RingCentral Glip is valuable all by itself for team messaging and collaboration, but it adds even more value for existing RingCentral Office customers. Here are some of the ways that adopting Glip pays off. 1. New tools for collaboration First, Glip lets teams use one unified account for team messaging, file sharing, and task management—and it’s the same account they use to launch an online meeting, forward their calls, or download call recordings. Team messaging will be new to some people and organizations, but its

Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution that optimizes and enhances both sales efficiency and customer engagement. Dreamforce is their annual user conference in San Francisco and is the largest software conference in the world. Over 2,700 sessions plus hands-on experience with product innovations will provide deep insights and inspiration for all professionals to succeed company-wide, in every industry. You may have seen the term “Trailblazer” being used and wondered what it means. For Salesforce, a Trailblazer is a leader, transformer, and innovator. At RingCentral, we are thrilled to be part of this pioneering community and to participate in the premier cloud event of the year. Trailblazers extraordinaire speaking this


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