As usual, RingCentral has some poppin’ news! Over the past few months, we at RingCentral could feel the excitement building in the air, ready to burst out like a cork from a bottle of champagne. Today we’ve officially announced our new premier Master Agent partnership with PlanetOne Communications, an IT and communications industry’s connectivity partner. This partnership highlights RingCentral’s strong dedication to growing its already-thriving channel program, particularly with leading master agents. And PlanetOne is an excellent fit. This partnership displays a natural synergy between the two companies that will strengthen their competitive advantage and enhance their ability to truly gain the mindshare of happy

It’s a very exciting time at RingCentral, especially for the Channel. And especially today, because CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has given RingCentral a 5-Star rating in its 2017 Partner Program Guide for the second consecutive year. High fives all around! The 5-Star Partner Program Guide rating recognizes an elite subset of companies that offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs. RingCentral’s passion for enabling partners with the tools needed for success means that ours is one of the most rewarding partner programs in the industry. A core tenet of RingCentral’s partner program is making it simple

What makes RingCentral’s Partner Program different—better—than the rest? Both parties are paid in full: let's start with that winning statement. Our unique Channel Harmony structure offers partners full compensation and specialized subject matter expert (SME) resources to help close deals. Today, we’re thrilled to announce an even more exciting initiative in our Channel Harmony program. Previously limited to deals of 50+ users, RingCentral’s Channel Harmony now applies to deals from one to infinity.* Did your jaw drop yet? I’ll spell it out: partners get 100% commissions and (free!) specialized RingCentral resources to help close deals of any size. Pursuing an opportunity with 17 users? Cool. One user?

Comment ces 3 marques offrent une relation client réussie sur les réseaux sociaux
Face aux canaux traditionnels de relation client tels que le téléphone et l'email, les réseaux sociaux prennent une part de plus en plus importante. En ayant recours à ces canaux, les consommateurs obtiennent souvent une réponse plus rapide de la marque. 40% des clients adressant une réclamation sur les réseaux sociaux espèrent ainsi obtenir une réponse en moins d’1 heure. Si la réactivité est un critère important, il existe d’autres bonnes pratiques à adopter pour satisfaire les clients sur ces nouveaux canaux. Prenons des exemples d’interactions clients réussies de 3 marques, qui peuvent vous inspirer pour proposer un service client de qualité sur les réseaux sociaux ! 1/ Leroy Merlin : un service client très réactif et proche de ses


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