Jim Tincher
Enhancing the Customer Experience – Interview with Jim Tincher
Jim Tincher (CCXP) is a recognized CX expert with a passion for customer experience, so much so that he founded Heart of the Customer, a cutting-edge CX consultancy, helping companies of all sizes improve their customer experience. Before launching the company, Jim led customer engagement initiatives at companies such as Best Buy, where he used […]
Improving Contact Center Productivity in the Telecoms Industry
In an industry marked by rapid innovation and volatile customers, telecoms are now mainly differentiating through customer experience. CX becomes the main criterion of choice, as product and prices are often similar between competitors. One of the significant changes observed in this area is the growth of digital customer interactions. Whereby the processing of large […]
Retail Communications Solutions: Getting Trim in the New Year
What is your New Year’s resolution? If you’re like most retailers, “reduce overhead costs” is a frontrunner on your list. You may feel pressure to reduce labor costs while also improving service for new customers who want to interact on a multitude of digital platforms. These conflicting demands may have you wondering how to make […]