Bret Knobelauch is Vice President of Sales at ProsperWorks, a CRM company whose solution was built based on the belief that CRM should be seamlessly integrated into employees’ most frequently used tools. As Vice President of Sales, he’s heavily focused on making it easier for sales reps to sell more, more quickly. We spoke with Bret recently about ProsperWorks, his approach to increasing the productivity and efficiency of his salespeople, and how integrating core business applications like ProsperWorks CRM with Google Apps for Work and his RingCentral business communications solution enables him to optimize his employees’ performance.RingCentral: Tell us about ProsperWorks—your business model, technology, products and services.Bret: ProsperWorks is a

Speed and flexibility are two of the things Travelers Haven values the most in the communication and collaboration capabilities offered by RingCentral.Travelers Haven is in the corporate housing business, an industry that often revolves around responding to immediate demands. For instance, a client may need temporary living quarters for a software developer flown in to rescue a struggling project or a medical specialist brought in to fill a critical hospital staff shortage.The faster Travelers Haven responds to a request for housing, the more likely it is to win the deal. In fact, the entire process tends to happen quickly. A lease may be audited, signed, and overnighted with

Dracula Industries International (DII) is the largest and oldest vampire-owned corporation with offices in Hungary, London, and the US. Six months ago, DII moved its phone system to the cloud with RingCentral. We sat down with CEO, Count Dracula, to discuss the transition to cloud and the challenges they have since overcome.RingCentral: Tell us how you got your start and how communications are critical to your business.Count Dracula, CEO: We have a number of businesses, from medical device manufacturing, organic farming, to a boutique bed and breakfast. I started this company over 400 years ago, and in that time the changes have been considerable. Communications have always been fundamental to what

Are you planning on attending SpiceWorld 2016 in Austin from November 1–3? It’s fate; so are we. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn firsthand about RingCentral Office®, our industry-leading cloud business communications solution that empowers today’s connected global enterprises.Visit us at booth #28 to chat with RingCentral staff, experience hands-on demos, and enter a raffle to win an Apple Watch®.Jim Payne, Senior Product Marketing Manager; and Dave Hamel, Sales Engineer, will be hosting a special SpiceWorld breakout session: Work less, achieve more. Be a hero for your CIO. All attendees will be entered in a special raffle to win a 360Fly action


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