We are always focused on how we can meet our customer's needs when it comes to our unified communications and collaboration solutions. Integrations on our open developer platform offer our customers a way to eradicate the silos separating their business applications and better automate and integrate their workflows and business processes. When Salesforce introduced the Lightning user interface to its suite of cloud software, it promised easier customization of workspaces for everyone and a simpler approach to software development for add-on modules. Many of our customers who had added customizations to “Salesforce Classic” migrated to “Salesforce Lightning.” This created a need

If a hacker got into one of your endpoint devices or servers, how many records would you lose? No doubt you have seen your share of frightening headlines about security breaches—and you probably have an idea of the equally scary financial risks. The latest research shows the average cost to companies rose last year from $154 to $158 for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information. In most cases, the costs of legal fees and mitigation rises into the millions. And that doesn’t include the price tag for losing competitive data or damage to the brand from mandatory disclosures. But do you know how much your defenses against cyberattacks are costing

On Thursday, May 11, thirty-two superlative Silicon Valley female leaders were commemorated at the YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Awards in San Jose. Each honoree was nominated by a top executive for their contributions as leaders and role models in their companies and their communities. RingCentral’s Anita Richards, VP of Customer and Partner Marketing, was nominated by RingCentral executives Riadh Dridi, CMO, and Clyde Hosein, former CFO, for the vision and success she has brought to her team and to the company.   Anita Richards, on the right, with husband and daughter on the left. Anita

We’ve had conversations with international businesses and listened to our customers and learned that businesses need communications solutions that address a global reach. The rollout of RingCentral Office in Europe is a major milestone in our global expansion. It started with the launch of RingCentral Global Office, wherein we were able provide service in 30-plus countries to businesses with branch offices in any of these locations. With the announcement of our European expansion, we have taken our offering a step further: now RingCentral provides in-country service, euro billing, local sales, support, and local-language product. RingCentral’s world-renowned solution, which has


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