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The topic of remote working is a controversial one for many companies. While apps and software make it easy for some employees to do their job from the comfort of their own home, managers may be hesitant to allow their employees to work remotely in fear they won’t be productive or efficient. For some industries and positions, working remotely isn’t an option. For others – including call centers – employees working remotely can actually improve the company’s bottom line. If you’re still on the fence about letting your call center employees work remotely, here are a few things you should consider. 1) Computers and Smartphones Make It Easy to Connect

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ChartSpan is a healthcare company specializing in patient engagement technology and medical managed services that help doctors and patients engage with each other beyond the clinical encounter. ChartSpan provides patients with a free, secure app that they can use to organize, request, and send health records. Reliable communication is critical across all departments at ChartSpan. The “Engagement-as-a-Service” (EaaS) platform, which helps healthcare providers better serve chronically ill patients, is a call center staffed by nurses who assist patients with a variety of medical situations. Sometimes, these situations involve calling 911. The company also

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Coaching is the thing every sales leader wants their managers doing more of.  Yet it is the thing that consistently falls through the cracks?  Why?  Because building and maintaining a coaching program is hard.  Sales managers themselves say they aren’t very good at coaching. Why do sales managers admit that they underperform on coaching?  Because in order to develop a scalable sales coaching program, you face these roadblocks: Waiting around for a coachable moment takes a lot of time and feels very unproductive.  For many sales managers listening in live means hearing a lot of automated greetings, phones ringing with no answer, worthless conversations with administrative assistants, and

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The unified communications and collaboration (UCC) space has evolved in a significant way over the past year. Vendors, industry pundits, and influencers weighing in on the direction of the industry seem to agree on one point—the promise of UCC is finally here. The promise of UCC needs to go beyond multi-modal communications in one place. Rather, it should be about what the cloud can do to transform the way people work. I’ve said before , that it’s about unified experiences, not just unified communications. Our vision of this is coming to fruition by combining best-in-class UCaaS, team messaging and collaboration, video and web conferencing, cloud contact center—all served on an open platform, at global scale. As a company built


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