Last month, Mitesh Dhruv stepped into the role of CFO at RingCentral. In his 5 years at the company, he has served in a variety of finance leadership positions, most recently as Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy. Mitesh’s career path spans investment banking, corporate finance, and accounting. His job as an equity analyst at Merrill Lynch was the catalyst that brought him to RingCentral. I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Mitesh to talk about how he came to RingCentral, the role his upbringing played in guiding him throughout his professional journey, and his leadership advice for young professionals. Your journey is not very traditional. You’ve

Email is on the way out It’s a threat as old as (digital) time. But when it comes to internal company communication, the days of email are numbered. Enter the era of team messaging. A brief history of team messaging in the workplace Way back in the stone age of the internet, there was AOL. Anyone remember when cable modems first became a thing with always-on internet and the AIM Away Message became an art form?                   Some companies let employees run AIM for quick interoffice communication. But in terms of business conversations taking place via instant message,

A little over 15 years ago, our CEO, Vlad Shmunis, had a vision and plan to harness the power of cloud computing to transform business communications. His relentless focus on innovation is an integral part of the culture at RingCentral. In my role of EVP of Innovation, I’m always looking at how we can continue to build on our strong record of innovation, to stay at the forefront of the innovation curve for product development, and stay in the leader position in what is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace. To that end, two years ago, we announced the launch of our RingCentral Connect Platform™, giving developers access to the tools they needed to

The humble telephone has come a long way in recent years, and now BT is planning to retire the UK’s traditional ISDN and PSTN networks, steadily migrating all business customers to high-speed broadband lines dedicated to voice traffic. Thus, upgrading your telecoms system will soon become a necessity rather than a mere possibility, and there are many advantages to doing so sooner rather than later. What is Hosted Telephony? Hosted Telephony is a form of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that is ‘hosted’ in the Cloud, meaning that no physical hardware is required on-site, other than perhaps your choice of handset (but even then you can use


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