The idea of integrating the contact center with UC may seem radical, especially if your roots run deep with legacy technology and premise-based phone systems. This is still the reality for most businesses, and that assumes you, in fact, have a contact center. There are many reasons why businesses don’t have contact centers, so for them, that conversation hasn’t started yet.When businesses begin to consider cloud-based communications solutions, new possibilities emerge, not just to do old things in new ways, but new things that aren’t currently feasible. The former is addressed by UC, which greatly enhances communication by integrating the various modes we use every day into

As 2016 arrived, I offered some predictions for the cloud. To greet 2017, I revisited these thoughts and shared their evolution over the past year. From cloud vendors becoming go-to communications solutions providers to the proliferation of collaboration tools, RingCentral has remained a significant part of the growth

EZ Surety Bonds has a need for speed, which it meets with the help of RingCentral Office and Glip.Through the EZ Surety Bonds website, any business or professional can instantly purchase any of several common license and permit bonds and download an electronic copy. The entire process takes about six minutes, says founder and CEO, Lamon Warnock. “There is no other site in the nation where that happens.”Higher risk, higher value bonds require manual underwriting, but Warnock strives for efficiency. Where competitors take two or three days to respond to a request, he gets back to customers with a price within the hour. That is

Switching from a traditional PBX system to a cloud-based business phone system offers many advantages. But before you make the switch, you may need to get the boss and other stakeholders on board. Fortunately, making the case for VoIP is easy. There are plenty of ways that cloud communications can benefit your business, including cost savings, increased productivity, and more advanced features than the phone hardware you currently have.PBX hardware is expensive, and up-front costs can be prohibitive. There are also the recurring fees for maintenance, upgrades, and training—all of which require specialized tech support. And then there’s the time involved (time is


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