Hott Solutions is a consulting firm that assists real estate companies in implementing and using Yardi, a property management software. Founded by David Hott, a former CIO of a commercial real estate company, Hott Solutions was created to provide its customers with desktop support, network infrastructure, Yardi software implementation and support to aid customers in getting the most of their technology investment. Hott Solutions serves real estate companies in a variety of sizes and has 25 employees at its headquarter office in San Mateo, California.More than just a communications providerPrior to becoming RingCentral users, Hott Solutions used an enterprise VoIP solution. This system had come to

Cloud-based business phone systems are powerful tools for modern communications, but for some potential buyers, cloud services raise concerns about reliability. After all, for many businesses, downtime directly impacts revenue.Since day one, RingCentral has been designed with reliability in mind. Early on, we made a strategic decision to build our own network, which allows RingCentral to provide carrier-grade reliability and outstanding call quality. Here’s how our network keeps your business up and running even in the face of disaster.RingCentral is fully redundant geographically in every location where we operate. This is a key differentiator between RingCentral and our competitors, many of whom do not have international

Coming into 2017, businesses are preparing for a drastically changing landscape. Today, we are truly living in a mobile-first economy where consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever. The rapid pace in which mobile technology has changed the way small businesses interact with their customers has been nothing short of amazing and we can only expect this trend to continue. With this in mind, it would be wise for small businesses to understand how powerful mobile marketing can be for their business.Mobile devices allow businesses to access a consumer base that is constantly online and informed. This has altered how marketing is presented,

The move to the cloud is transforming every industry, and the enterprise communications solutions market is no exception. Companies that were born in the cloud are disrupting legacy players, and Avaya’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is a result. This phenomenon shows just how much the communications landscape has changed in recent years as it keeps pace with larger changes in the way we work, communicate, and collaborate.Today’s mobile and distributed workforce requires the ability to work and communicate in any way, from anywhere, on any device. The tides have turned, and cloud-based communications solutions have won. To learn more about RingCentral click here.Check out


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