5 Strategies to Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is a spokesperson for your company. They should be knowledgeable about your product or service, enthusiastic to talk about it, and their opinions should hold sway over your intended customer base. Not only that, but a good brand ambassador represents the culture and values of your company in a way that a logo or a mission statement never could. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing your brand ambassador, as that person can easily become the face and voice of your company. For many years, celebrities have acted as de facto brand ambassadors for companies, but the term only recently came into popularity to

The Importance of Brand Loyalty and How To Improve It

Brand loyalty is everything. It's what people think when they see your logo, your reputation when they hear your name and even a customer’s association when they purchase your products or services. With so much emphasis on your brand, you need to make sure it looks better than ever. That's exactly what we're going to focusing on in this branding loyalty article. On the internet, your brand gets the most exposure through search engines and social networks -- after all, that's where 99% of people start and end their internet usage. This means you should also spend your branding efforts in these areas as well. What is Brand Loyalty and Why Does

RingCentral Announces Launch Hackathon Winners

What a weekend! RingCentral was a sponsor at the 2015 Launch Hackathon. The platform team spent Friday-Sunday in Fort Mason with a thousand creative, enthusiastic, and very tired hackers, helping them build projects on top of the RingCentral Connect Platform. The results were inspiring. We worked with teams that built a virtual shopping app powered by Oculus & RingCentral. We saw demos of an app that texts parents when their teenagers are texting while driving. Another team built a service that helps shoppers buy stuff online simply by texting their requests

6 Ways to Protect Your Brand with a Blog

When someone searches for your name or business online, what will they find? The internet has completely changed the way people research, buy and discover new things online. This is especially true when it comes to researching information on a purchase before buying, looking up a potential new hire for a company, or even doing a little search on your favorite restaurants and businesses in your area. No matter what people are searching for, whatever appears on the first page of the search results can make a huge impact not only on the person who is searching, but also for your own reputation as well. In the never ending war

Top 7 Business Productivity Apps To Consider in 2015

The tried and true words of wisdom say that you get what you pay for. Usually this is true, but what about today in the growing digital age? Is this always true? There are many amazing apps and tools that are readily available to help business of all sizes better manage, market, and grow – all for free. Some are well known and deserve some return attention; others are fairly new and upcoming to the business marketplace. Here are some of the best choices available to you to consider as you prepare your business for the coming year: 1) GoToMyPC We start off the list with the handy


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