Businesses today are demanding unified communications solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, and enable productivity while on the go. In order to best accomplish this goal, companies need a single platform that allows their employees to toggle between communication types—whether it’s messaging, voice calls, conferencing, video, or team chat. While historically it seemed sufficient for businesses to use a desk phone and email to get their work done, that just isn’t enough in today’s fast-paced, modern workplace. People want to be connected, no matter where they are and no

Walker Crips Group PLC is a London-based financial services company. Its roots trace back to the 18th century, making it one of the oldest independent companies in the city, with nearly 300 employees that service 6 business units, including investment management, stockbrokers, wealth management, pensions, structured investments, and alternative investments. Prior to partnering with RingCentral, Walker Crips operated on a legacy phone system that was costly and difficult to manage. Reluctant to continue purchasing more equipment for upgrades, Sean Lam, the group’s Managing Director, chose to embrace a fully cloud-based communications system. According to Lam, he felt

There are a number of technological trends poised to have a profound impact across entire businesses, and right now, digital transformation is the most important one. Understanding the technology aspects of digital transformation is essential, but the focus of this series is on the equally important business-level benefits. My first post in this series addressed customer experience and the external impact of digital transformation. Today’s topic on improving workflows is primarily internal facing and speaks to the everyday operations of your business. Workflows can be improved in a variety of ways, but few can deliver better results than a collaboration solution—not just to make IT’s job more manageable but to

Businesses today are faced with many challenges—from scaling rapidly to growing globally to connecting more efficiently. Communications plays an incredibly important role in addressing these challenges, while also supporting the future success of the overall business. Our customers are increasingly telling us that the legacy on-premises systems they’ve been using simply can’t keep up with the mobile-first world we operate in today. Their employees want to talk, text, and collaborate on a single platform from any device, anywhere around the world. To support these requirements, IT leaders need flexible technology that can accommodate their organization’s evolving needs. Tuff Shed, America’s premier supplier of storage buildings


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