Early Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) adopters frequently cited the considerable cost and efficiency benefits of cloud communications as one of their primary motivators for adopting the technology. While those benefits certainly remain a strong reason behind the surge in popularity of cloud communications today, more recent adopters have been swayed by another critical benefit. In particular, more recent adopters say faster access to new cloud communications and collaboration innovations spurred their decisions. Customer research shows that businesses increasingly adopt cloud communications solutions to gain access to advanced features that are often difficult and expensive to deploy and continually maintain on premises. In a 2018 Frost & Sullivan

Four years ago, RingCentral opened its Charlotte office to better serve East Coast customers and tap into the strong local talent pool. We started small with a team of just three people. In the first three years, we saw a 1,500% increase in headcount and now have over 100 employees in Charlotte. As someone who has been there from the beginning, it’s been a thrill to experience. When opening a satellite office, the challenge is finding the right balance between the overall corporate culture and the one that emerges when teams work together closely over time. It’s been amazing to see our

The enhancements featured in our November RingCentral Office® release are a testament to our commitment to bringing you a solution that works just as you do and enables you to do your best work, wherever you do business. This month, we bring you improvements to the RingCentral app, flexible calling options, more intuitive reporting, increased global availability, and more accessible customer support. We’re also making it easier to set up or join meetings from the RingCentral app, Google Calendar™, and Skype™ for Business. RingCentral app: Integrated meetings and unified presence We’ve simplified and enhanced our solution by embedding RingCentral Meetings™ into the RingCentral mobile app. You and your team can easily

As a company that prides itself on its commitment to innovation, RingCentral also recognizes that our most important innovations come from our customers. Their creative use of our technology provides the inspiration that sparks our ideas and fuels our new product development. Each year at ConnectCentral, the industry’s premier cloud communications and collaboration event, we have the opportunity to honor those companies whose achievements inspire us all. At this year’s show, we recognized companies that exemplify our goal to unite people, ideas, and business for a new era of work. At ConnectCentral 2018, RingCentral Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Services, Ryan Azus, handed out a total of six Impact awards: five Business


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