RingCentral offers a range of VoIP business phones to meet your needs. They’re preconfigured to work with our virtual PBX and available with a variety of features to fit small and large businesses alike. The Polycom VVX 500 is a full-featured desktop phone perfect for receptionists who need to monitor presence for a large number of users (up to 50 with an expansion unit). The phone has 12 lines for high call capacity and HD voice2 for superior sound quality. Patented acoustic technology provides echo-free and crystal-clear conversations. The Polycom VVX 500 is designed to adapt as your business grows with software

Did your workforce go mobile while your business phone system stood still? People’s love affair with mobile devices is transforming the workforce. For example, half of all workers now use a mobile phone even when sitting next to a desk phone, and 84 percent of those age 18–29 report using mobile devices to work two hours per day on their own time. However, while your employees may be hooked on smartphones and tablets, these devices are often not hooked into the company phone system—and not controlled by you. Bring your own device (BYOD) brings its own set of issues Due to the cost and complexity, many small businesses don’t

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Cloud-based business phone systems offer many advantages over a traditional hardware PBX. Hosted virtual PBX systems empower your business with cutting-edge features and the flexibility to work from anywhere without being tethered to a hard-wired phone system. Because they’re so flexible, cloud phone systems can also help your business avoid these common communications nightmares. 1) You have too many numbers How many telephone numbers do you have? An office number, of course. Then there’s your home office, work mobile, personal mobile, home phone, and at least one fax line. If someone has to call multiple numbers in order to get in touch with you, chances are they won’t. RingCentral simplifies telephone number

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Does your small business have what it takes to stay ahead in today’s take-no-prisoners marketplace? Most owners ask themselves this question every day. Fortunately, the latest business communication and collaboration technologies can give you a head start. 1) Have a vision Did you know that up to 90% of human communications rely on non-verbal cues? Salespeople often call this “reading the room.” Now, many small businesses are calling it a must-have technology. Video conferencing allows salespeople to have the equivalent of in-person meetings without the cost and hassle of business travel. Teams can hold virtual meetings from anywhere. Or support representatives can show—rather than tell— customers how to diagnose and


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