“You don’t understand: We’re small, and my customers are the lifeblood of my business. I can’t afford to miss a call. I need it to work.” The number of times I heard this sentiment from someone considering RingCentral while I was selling to small businesses is too great to count. “I need it to work, too. It’s how I pay my student loans,” I’d reply. Hearing this, they’d concede that my money was also on the line with our product, and the conversation would continue from there. The vision with Agile CRM for RingCentral is for our customers to be able to have it all. To

  We are thrilled to announce that TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, has named Next Generation RingCentral Office as a 2017 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner. A highly reputable recognition in the communications and technology sector, the TMC awards program selects winners that are leaders in the marketplace. The judges at TMC selected Next Generation RingCentral Office for its product design and innovation. An entirely reimagined user experience for

Just over a year ago we expanded our international footprint with the launch of Global Connect Network™ and RingCentral Global Office™ to meet the needs of enterprise customers. While global expansion is key to the growth of a business, this opportunity comes with new challenges. One primary challenge for multinational businesses is maintaining a connected and collaborative ecosystem of employees and external stakeholders, such as customers and partners. According to a study of five million employees worldwide conducted by Hay Group, collaboration, agility, transparency, innovation and productivity were highlighted as the key challenges facing global companies. Communications is the lifeblood of every business, and when trying

At this point, most call centers or hotline centers have realized the potential of cloud computing, management and tools. Many have even deployed cloud software or platforms for their employees. In fact, cloud technology has transformed many businesses and enterprises in recent years, but not as quickly as you might expect. All that is about to change, as market experts believe cloud computing and software is entering a second wave. As 2017 progresses, so will the cloud market, accelerating faster than it ever has in the past. This will be spurred by enterprises and brands who want to boost efficiency and productivity, at least according to Forrester Research. But


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