Companies that don’t focus on providing good customer experiences are not just leaving profits on the table – they’re blatantly losing money. Research bears this out: Poor customer service costs businesses $62 billion every year.[bctt tweet="U.S. companies lose $62B/year due to poor customer service. Find the fix here:" via="no"]Innovative contact center technologies improve the customer experienceOne surefire way to satisfy customers is to ensure a productive support experience. But if it takes too long to answer questions and solve problems, communicating is clunky or the customer has to repeat critical information more than once,

Earlier this year, we uncovered a pervasive workplace challenge: app overload. A global survey we commissioned showed that the majority of knowledge workers (69 percent) waste up to 60 minutes a day navigating between workplace apps, specifically apps for business communications. To put that in perspective, that translates to 32 days of lost productivity per year! Conquering app overload in the digital workplace can be incredibly daunting. With team messaging, virtual conferencing, and a laundry list of other team communication apps, it’s easy to see how navigating between them all can do more to hamper productivity than improve it. In the

The way people work has evolved significantly over the last decade. The cloud has opened up new communications possibilities whilst also driving an increased pace of innovation and digital transformation. Businesses that once relied heavily on desk phones are now seeing an influx of new communications solutions that enable greater collaboration and productivity. Traditional voice solutions are now being supplemented with collaboration tools such as video meetings and team messaging. As the carriers of voice services, service providers are recognizing this fundamental shift in the workplace and the growth opportunity to deliver more value added business communications and collaboration services to business

I’m proud to announce that RingCentral Glip has just earned a new industry accolade: Our team messaging and collaboration app secured a spot in the elite “Leader” category in the 2018 Aragon Research Globe for Mobile Collaboration report. Aragon Research is a tech-industry analyst and advisory firm that counts some of the world’s business and IT leaders among its clients, and the company defines the Leader category as its highest designation for a given industry.So, why should you care that Glip earned an industry-leading slot in some big analyst firm’s report? Well, if you’re looking for a mobile app for team messaging and collaboration, you might


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