It’s a given that technology is constantly evolving, with new innovations coming to market every day. Some of these new solutions become the latest trend du jour, and businesses need to carefully evaluate the overall value and benefits of deploying these solutions in their enterprises. The truly disruptive technology is driving the digital transformation that is improving the way many companies operate. That said, there’s some uncertainty in understanding what digital transformation means to different companies. To make it more relevant for both IT and end users in the workforce, this series of blog posts will break it down in terms of specific benefits to businesses from SMB to enterprise. The underlying technology

Employees across organizations are increasingly working in a virtual and distributed manner. As a result, they are using their mobile phones as primary tools to get their work done. It’s no longer about the time spent in an office, but instead about how employers are supporting their workforce with modern-day communications solutions. Whether they are sitting in their homes, the office, or a cafe in Vienna, they need the tools to support, collaborate, and engage with their teams. Partnering with a cloud communications solutions provider like RingCentral means having a mobile-first, seamless communications and collaboration experience, without the infrastructure costs and challenges of updating and

Last month, Synergy Research Group, an independent market research firm, ranked RingCentral as the #1 cloud communications provider worldwide based on revenue and subscriber seats. This latest distinction expands on RingCentral’s leadership recognition by Gartner, IHS Markit, Frost & Sullivan, and Aragon Research. Synergy Research also notes that cloud business communications revenue grew 22% YoY, while on-premises business communications declined 9% during Q1 2017. So cloud is winning, and RingCentral is winning in the cloud! We’re proud of our industry recognition, and we’re promoting Synergy’s findings in a front-page ad found in today’s Wall Street Journal.

As the pace of business accelerates and workforces are driven to be more productive than ever, CIOs are tasked with developing new ways to streamline workflows and deliver greater efficiencies. ZK Research’s latest report on The Rise of Collaborative Communications reveals that CIOs’ roles have evolved, and they are expected to increase agility with innovative new technologies that create competitive advantage. “We live in a world where the new currency of business is speed,” says Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research. “Decisions have to be made quickly, or you wind up falling behind your competition.” The report includes end-user survey results where workers state they use five to


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