Medallia is a global leader in customer experience management (CEM) cloud software, enabling companies—no matter their size or complexity—to stay close to their customers. The company partners with organizations to transform their culture and day-to-day operations around the customer. Medallia works with hundreds of brands across financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, airlines, government, retail, professional services organizations, and technology companies.Medallia is a rapidly growing, global company. With offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv, it is important that all employees are able to easily

RingCentral is about to hit the road for Chicago, and we’d love to see you there. Join us on Thursday evening, May 4, at the W Chicago City Center for RingCentral Forum Live.Join your peers and industry leaders for a unique evening of premium whiskey tasting, casino gaming, a cigar-rolling demonstration, great food, networking, and thought-provoking content.Hear from customers, technology experts, and key integration partners to learn ways you can unify your business communications in the cloud and improve collaboration and productivity.RingCentral Forum Live begins at 5:30 p.m. at the W Chicago City Center.Don’t miss this opportunity to discover ways you can improve communications, collaboration,

Congratulations to our friends and colleagues at Okta on their successful IPO last Friday.  The company raised $187M and soared 38% in its first day of trading.Sequoia Capital was an early investor in Okta. We think their blog post congratulating Okta is spot on. Todd and Freddy, Okta’s co-founders, understood the inevitability of the cloud early on, and placed their big bets on it. Sequoia was also an early investor in RingCentral, and we too bet our business on the migration of communications to the cloud. We are both pioneers in our respective cloud categories, understanding the need to deliver better ways of connecting today’s modern workforce to

As usual, RingCentral has some poppin’ news! Over the past few months, we at RingCentral could feel the excitement building in the air, ready to burst out like a cork from a bottle of champagne. Today we’ve officially announced our new premier Master Agent partnership with PlanetOne Communications, an IT and communications industry’s connectivity partner. This partnership highlights RingCentral’s strong dedication to growing its already-thriving channel program, particularly with leading master agents. And PlanetOne is an excellent fit.This partnership displays a natural synergy between the two companies that will strengthen their competitive advantage and enhance their ability to truly gain the mindshare of happy


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