A medical practice is a small business that must function efficiently to deliver care to patients with a minimum of wasted time and resources. Doctors and nurses take their medical mission seriously, but they also feel the pressure of insurance companies and regulators telling them how to do their jobs, not to mention the ever-present pressure of the clock limiting how many appointments they can fit into a day.While applications for managing medical records and health insurance claims are very important to the smooth functioning of a practice, care team and business office employees also need to address many issues for which there is no neat checkbox on any

Legacy contact center systems may have more impact than you realize in terms of the forms of customer support provided. While you may take today’s multimodal world for granted, it’s not the norm in the contact center, where agents can be challenged to meet customer’s communications expectations. Most contact centers are still telephony-centric, but that’s changing as they migrate to IP-based solutions, and that’s a good thing. What may not be changing, however, is how decision makers think about customer service in addition to new possibilities offered by today’s technologies.A key characteristic of this mindset is the reactive mode of service, in which agents take customer inquiries as they come in.

As people grow accustomed to using simple, easy apps in their personal lives, they are demanding intuitive apps to use at work as well. More than 3 million businesses now pay to use G Suite; and Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, attributes this success to Google’s ability to provide a highly secure platform and robust partner ecosystem.RingCentral hosted a VIP panel with some of Google’s most prominent partners during Google Cloud Next last week. Long-time Wall Street Journal writer Don Clark moderated a compelling conversation with representatives from Google, Box, Okta, and RingCentral to explore how businesses are overcoming challenges to support

Mobile apps have been a hotbed of conversations for people all over. Whether you are a consumer with a smartphone, a business owner looking to build a mobile solution, or someone figuring out how to build an app, looking at the most successful apps for 2017 is a great place to start.As a consumer, you want to be one of the first people to download that next big app to take off. But, you also want to make your mobile device easier to use. Many of the most popular apps, surprisingly enough, are less about sending selfies to colleagues and more about improving your smartphone’s functionality.Marketers and business owners have much to gain from monitoring the


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