While New UCaaS Capabilities Abound, Security and Reliability Should Guide Decisions

Cloud communications decision makers are often drawn in by the bells and whistles of the latest innovations. It can sometimes be difficult to evaluate what are likely the most critical factors in the provider selection process, specifically a provider’s historical service performance and security posture. Approximately half of businesses currently using UCaaS in Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 US survey are considering replacing their providers, driven by a desire to improve security (45% of respondents), lower cost per seat (44% of respondents), and increase reliability (42% of respondents). That IT/telecom decision makers highly value service reliability and security isn’t entirely surprising. Downtime from service failures can have severe consequences, including lost

RingCentral Appoints Head of Channel Sales for EMEA

We’re excited to announce the appointment of channel veteran Robinder Koura as Head of Channel Sales for EMEA. We’ve seen a lot of demand in this region for cloud communications solutions, and with a dedicated team on the ground, EMEA-based channel partners will be well positioned to deliver RingCentral solutions to a global customer base. Having led the channel charge at Nortel Networks, and most recently, at Genband (where he worked for me for four years leading channel partner efforts for EMEA), Robinder will be focused on expanding the RingCentral Partner Programme in the United Kingdom and globally. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the IT

Facebook Ads Tune Up: 5 Quick Tips to Make Your Paid Facebook Ads Effective

As a professional interested in improving your company’s marketing (as evidenced by the fact that you’re reading the RingCentral blog) your company probably already has a Facebook page, and likely engages in some unpaid promotion on that social media platform. If you’re like most small and mid-sized businesses, however, you aren’t yet using the paid Facebook Ads platform.  The Business Case For Shifting to Paid Facebook Ads: Up until recently, effective Facebook marketing was largely an unpaid endeavor involving trying to organically attract new ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ to your company’s Facebook page, and then marketing to those individuals you attracted via their

Do Mobile Payments Help Increase Customers?

Mobile payments give customers payment flexibility and simplify your point-of-sale process. However, they also deliver plenty of tangible benefits that extend beyond the checkout experience. Here’s a look at how mobile payments can help you increase customers. Give customers confidence in a quick checkout. Humans really don’t like to wait — whether for an airplane, an elevator or to pay for an item. Though as one New York Times article states, there are some factors that make waiting particularly torturous, including lack of distraction during the wait, and no sense for how long a wait will last.  The authors write that uncertainty magnifies the stress

New Integration: Connectivity and RingCentral

We’re pleased to announce the new integration of Connectivity’s customer intelligence platform with RingCentral’s cloud communications solution. This new integration allows RingCentral customers to build a customer list from existing phone records that can be used to create smart marketing campaigns. Most businesses don’t do anything with an important source of data: phone calls. Every time a customer (or potential customer) calls a business, a wealth of information waits to be captured. Now, it’s possible to use phone records to create a customer list with Connectivity.Here’s how


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