In the current era of digital disruption, the CIO needs to make managing the inevitable change in their organizations a top priority. Organizations that don’t change quickly enough or intelligently enough may fail to stay successful, or could even fall prey to competitors. In fact, so much change is happening so quickly that the CIO must virtually wear the “Chief Change Officer” hat. This is because change is no longer something you implement and then it’s done. Today, change is a continual and essential part of guiding the organization in the right direction. Here are some important things to keep in mind in your new unofficial role as the CCO. 1) Understand the need

There are numerous reasons businesses choose RingCentral, but one which holds true across the board is the value delivered to our customers when running their business communications on our cloud platform. It solves real issues around communications and collaboration and allows IT teams to focus on supporting technology that directly contributes to their bottom line. RingCentral’s secret sauce to ensure we deliver that value, is our ‘all hands on board’ approach to ensure the customer journey is flawless.  The Professional Services team plays a key role in ensuring our technology is properly implemented and used, in order to deliver value and great results to our

In 2017 your marketing strategy must evolve beyond just your company website. As more and more trends, enter the market, it’s wise for you to learn ways they can benefit your small business. The following trends can be applied to nearly any business to maximize customer engagement and capture more sales. Better Analytics and Customer Targeting Developing a system in place to obtain customer data is not an option. By now you must know who your customer base is, when peak times are, what payment methods they prefer, etc. Without that data, you will not be able to apply many of the trends and advances presented here and on future lists effectively. The good news

One thing’s certain: Most people have trouble keeping up with their email. In fact, people reply faster, with fewer words, and to fewer emails as the volume in their inbox increases.* So, it comes as no surprise that people are finding better ways to communicate. Workplace collaboration software, also known as team messaging, is taking the enterprise communications world by storm and was the hot topic on everyone’s lips at this year’s Enterprise Connect. To demonstrate the impact of team messaging in the workplace, Ipsos conducted a Public Affairs study on behalf of RingCentral.** The infographic below captures the staggering findings surrounding the


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