Artificial intelligence applications span every conceivable market and offer a wide range of abilities that can take the heavy lifting out of everyday tasks in the workplace. Given this tremendous potential, why wouldn’t companies push AI into every aspect of business today?  In this episode of Connection, join Curtis Peterson, Anthony Cresci, Ben Parr, and Robert Murphy as we explore why businesses today should balance what they may gain from AI with how it will impact employees, and developing strategies that optimize productivity while limiting fears.  Listen now or through the podcast player of

As part of its digital transformation, global insurance leader AXA is adopting new digital channels to communicate more efficiently with its customers. Discover how RingCentral Engage Digital helps AXA to increase its digital customer engagement and adopt the newest channels available to businesses.  Watch the video to discover the testimonials of the AXA Switzerland team. […]

The allure of emerging technologies, such as AI, cannot be ignored, especially as business leaders see how this technology can reduce costs and increase revenue. That said, only 25% of companies have an enterprise-wide AI strategy. And for employees, even with the appeal of better data-driven decisions, higher productivity, improved collaboration, and generally increased efficiency, the shift to AI can be a daunting period of transition. recently published an article on AI success stories and the current ramp up in AI projects today. The author offered an insider's view of how IT leaders are leveraging the dream team of AI and machine learning to solve

When a customer connects with your business, what can they expect? Different customers would likely give different answers to that question, although there’s probably one thing all businesses would probably like to be able to say: consistency.  Unfortunately for many companies, providing that customer experience consistency isn’t as easy as it sounds. Inbound contact center managers work hard to bring agents up to speed and train them to deliver a positive experience every time a customer connects with the brand. Outbound contact center sales managers dedicate themselves to enabling their agents to sell, sell, sell. Often, however, those strategies don’t align and consequently leaves the customer confused, or worse,


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