If you haven’t yet heard of Carvana, you soon will. Carvana is revolutionizing the car-buying process by removing the middle man and delivering high quality vehicles directly to the customer. Who would have thought that buying a car could be as easy as buying a can of soda? Well, Carvana proved it’s possible by introducing the world’s first coin-operated car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee. Such a pioneering, customer-centric business requires the most reliable, secure, and streamlined technology in order to sustain rapid growth. Join RingCentral at Oktane17 for our lifecycle session: Scaling Business Communications with Secure No Headache Connections, with Imran Kazi, Director of

For this final post in my series on digital transformation, I’m going to look at another business-level benefit that decision makers need to consider. As mentioned at the outset of this series, digital transformation is a broad concept that requires focus to develop concrete strategies. Business needs and benefits provide that focus, and I’ve already addressed two—improving customer experience and improving workflows. The third benefit of digital transformation is agility, not just internal, but also external with customers and partners. Agility is about responsiveness, and collaboration technologies have a central role to play in delivering agility in today’s digital workplace so companies can work faster,

Workato is a leader in cloud and on-premise automation. The company provides enterprise-grade automation and integration platforms that can be used by businesses of any size. Integrations between applications that help automate work processes are called “recipes,” and Workato’s recipes are so easy to use that many customers can go live with their app integrations within one week. Over 150,000 of these recipes are currently being shared by more than 17,000 businesses. Before RingCentral, Workato operated on a simple cloud-based solution that provided basic telephony features. To carry out online meetings and sales demos, the company used an expensive web conferencing solution. Soon enough, Workato outgrew this solution and

Come explore the power of connecting people at ConnectCentral 2017, the industry’s premier cloud communications event. ConnectCentral 2017 is taking place October 23–25 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. You’ll hear from thought leaders and experts on advances in the communications and collaboration industry, and see real-life examples of organizations that have empowered their teams, customers, and partners with RingCentral. We’d love to see you at ConnectCentral 2017 and we are giving away five (5) free passes (each valued at $495)! To enter, complete the following statement: “I want to go to ConnectCentral 2017


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