The importance of team messaging and APIs to a truly unified collaborative communications experience were the two main themes RingCentral wanted to promote at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, following last week’s announcement of the next generation of RingCentral Office and an expanded API suite that includes team messaging. Those also turned out to be major themes of the conference as a whole.Team collaboration topped the conference themes remarked on by Eric Krapf, general manager and program chair of Enterprise Connect and publisher of No Jitter, when he introduced Tuesday’s main stage events, and APIs were second on his list.“APIs are a big part of

Enterprise Connect Day 1: RingCentral Side by Side with the Competition
Judging by the first day of programming at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, the fact that the cloud is the future of communications and collaboration is no longer up for debate -- the only question is how quickly and how completely businesses will get there.Both RingCentral CEO Vlad Shmunis and SVP of Cloud Operations Curtis Peterson found themselves in the position of advocating for a pure cloud implementation in panel discussions where they were matched with executives from

Reaching out to a call center and getting a machine is common these days. It’s no secret that many people prefer to talk to an actual human, though. If you’re one of those folks who prefers to have a “real” conversation, you might be a little disconcerted to hear this next bit of news.Artificial Intelligence, or AI, may soon enter the call center. We’re talking full-blown Siri- and Alexa-like AI that can respond to queries and carry out various actions.AI bots will power up to 85% of customer service interactions by the year 2020, which will lead to people having more conversations with

RingCentral goes bigger with more countries, more features, more collaboration.These days, there’s a lot of companies tackling the team messaging and collaboration space, but there’s only one company doing it in a very unique and powerful way – that company is RingCentral.I’m proud to share the unveiling of RingCentral’s vision around the new era of Collaborative Communications –  which goes beyond unifying different modes of communication; it delivers an all-in-one user experience that changes the way people communicate, share content, and manage projects — all with the goal to get more work done with less effort.This is a big week for RingCentral as we expand the reach,


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